Dragon Park tickets Ha Long on sale for just VND100,000

October 11, 2022 - 10:39
From October 10th, Dragon Park in Sun World Ha Long entertainment complex of Sun Group will officially introduce the Bird Dance show, giving visitors an exciting experience for the first time in the Northern region.

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Visitors no longer need to reach bird gardens or nature reserves in foreign parks. Right in Ha Long, a marvellous show of precious birds from all continents was officially launched at the Hoa Dang Theatre in the Dragon Park (Sun World Ha Long).

Taken place in two timeframes of 15:00 and 16:30 every day, the Bird Dance show is a brand-new experience that Sun World Ha Long has started to serve visitors since October. There are many precious birds, such as African sao chickens, harris hawks from Argentina, ostriches, eagles and conure parrots. The bird dance brings to the audience diverse performances, like the impressive and spectacular shows of the "flying actors" in the space of Hoa Dang theatre, which is decorated like a tropical garden.

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The dark grey African star chicken spreads its wings high in the sky; harris hawks flying in deft circles, and ostriches and eagles bravely catch prey under the guidance of their trainers. All large birds show utmost strength and ingenuity, making the audience admire their talent.

At the same time, the little birds conquere the hearts of the young audience with their wit and ingenuity. Love parrots reach out to talk to visitors, avo parrots quickly grab objects from the audience's hands, conure parrots make all hearts burst with excitement with their painting, basketball, handball, and letter typing shows, or friendly and polite greetings. The skill of the little birds made the audience scream in excitement.

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The Bird Dance show ended with the pigeon release. The white pigeons flutter and send friendly greetings from Ha Long to visitors.

The show only started on October 10th, but the first audience warmly received the Bird Dance. Van Anh from Cam Pha said: "It's quite impressive to see Ha Long owning a bird show, which has only been seen in large conservation parks of some countries around the world. Sun World Ha Long is already attractive, and when having this experience, there is a more interesting reason for visitors to come to Ha Long, especially in the autumn and winter, when ocean experiences are no longer the crucial elements."

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In addition to the bird show, it is known that from the present until the end of 2022, Dragon Park shall also bring visitors more unseen experiences. According to Mr Tran Van Minh - Director of Sun World Ha Long entertainment complex, in the upcoming Christmas season, Dragon Park shall be an ideal destination for tourists coming to enjoy the big festival season, with many decorative activities and jubilant and vibrant festivals prepared ahead.

Especially at this moment, Dragon Park is promoting the biggest discount of the year – a discount of more than 70%, down to only VND100,000 per ticket, so visitors can easily explore and experience more than 20 vibrant and modern leading games in the region, as well as the enjoyment for the attractive flying bird show.