The New York Times (USA) lists Capella Hanoi as one of the top 10 best hotels in Asia

October 12, 2022 - 10:52
After being recently honoured as "Asia's Leading Luxury Boutique Hotel" at the World Travel Awards (World Travel Awards Asia 2022), Capella Hanoi continues to be acknowledged by the New York Times. Times (USA) praised it as one of the ten most prominent new hotels in Asia.

The New York Times (USA) recently published an article listing the ten most prominent new hotels throughout Asia. These hotels are considered departure options worth considering on any trip to Asia. Capella Hanoi is the only Vietnamese name chosen.

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In the leading American newspaper, the hotel designed by Sun Group and a famous architect named Bill Bensley in Hanoi is described as having a design evoking glamour and recreating the upper society in the operas of the era. "Roaring Twenties" - the 1920s-1930s, the decade of discovery and creativity with distinct cultures.

The fact that Capella Hanoi continues to catch the "eyes" of a prestigious newspaper that has won more than 120 Pulitzer Prizes - the top prestigious journalism award in the US has proven the class and border-crossing appeal of this boutique hotel, which is located on the most beautiful street of the capital Hanoi, Vietnam, despite only opening in April 2021.

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Capella Hanoi is an "expensive" suggestion for a unique and lavish experience for the elite when arriving in the Hanoi capital. Coming to Capella Hanoi is coming to a luxurious space from the golden age of opera musicals. The 47 rooms at Capella Hanoi have sophisticated designs highlighting handcrafted sculptures. They are named after world-famous actors, singers, and screenwriters in the opera, such as Sarah Bernhardt, Eleonora Duse, and Lina Cavalieri, to remind of a "heroic" past of this aristocratic art form.

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The hotel's restaurants named The Hudson Rooms and Koki are considered top destinations for food connoisseurs of the capital. The Hudson Rooms serves cocktails alongside a variety of classic oyster recipes in a space that stunningly reimagines the lifestyle and spirit of 1920s New York's golden age.

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Meanwhile, Koki opened on July 21 and immediately created a "boom" in international cuisine right in the heart of the capital, especially when inviting Japanese Michelin-starred chef Junichi Yoshida to cooperate to create a typical Teppanyaki style for the restaurant. Diners will experience a journey of the five senses through the exquisite flavours of Japan, meticulously prepared and served in private rooms, with a traditional sake bar. and Chef's Table Teppanyaki.