Sun Group won the title of “Corporate Excellence Award 2022”

October 11, 2022 - 11:03
On October 7th, within the framework of The Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards (APEA) award ceremony in 2022 in Ho Chi Minh City, the Sun Group continued to score double with two awards of "Corporate Excellence Award" and "Inspirational Brand Award".

This is the second year in a row that Sun Group has surpassed thousands of enterprises from 14 Asian countries to continue to be honoured with these two valuable titles. 

In the context that global tourism is still suffering from great impacts after the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, causing many difficulties for the world economy, a private enterprise such as Sun Group has been still maintaining its performance and position as a "leading bird" in Việt Nam's tourism industry and constantly recording new growth milestones as well as winning continental awards, which are incredibly proud achievements.

The Sun Group received the "Corporate Excellence Award" on the evening of October 7th.

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Commenting on the Sun Group's achievements at this year's awards, Dr Fong Chan On – Chairman of Enterprise Asia - Head of the Organizing Board of APEA 2022, shared: "Sun Group is one of the few corporations in the region reaching the achievement of winning the 'Corporate Excellence Award' and 'Inspirational Brand Award' for two consecutive years. We are remarkably impressed with the Sun Group's journey to affirm its position as the leading private economic enterprise in Vietnam and the region. In particular, the Sun Group is also highly appreciated by the board because, in addition to sustainable business development, the corporation always targets to improve the community's life, contributing to making Vietnam become a prosperous country and promoting Vietnam's beauty, elevating the country's tourism position in the world."

The representative of the Sun Group, Mr Pham Quoc Quan, Chairman of the Sun Group in the South, shared his pride when the group was honoured: "This is a great honour for the Sun Group. The two awards from APEA 2022 will be a robust motivation for the Sun Group to continue making more efforts, contributing to developing the position of Vietnam's tourism and enterprises more steadily in the region and the world."

Sun God Waterfall, a masterpiece of the famous sculptural family - Frill Gallery at Sun World Ba Na Hills.

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Founded in 2007, APEA belongs to the NGO - Enterprise Asia, a prestigious international award in the Asia - Pacific region to honour excellent and innovative enterprises, reach outstanding business achievements and sustainable development, and always take social responsibility in the region.

The "Corporate Excellence Award" for the Sun Group this year recognizes the growth milestones in business and the group's leadership role, as well as significant contributions to the recovery of Vietnam tourism and the region.

Despite the direct impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Sun Group has constantly "turned risks into opportunity", improving the service quality, designing a series of new products, accompanying Sa Pa, Quang Ninh, Đà Nẵng, Phú Quốc, and many other lands across Việt Nam to anticipate the increased tourism demand after the pandemic, as well as creating a new attraction for destinations. In the first nine months of 2022, Sun Group has shown the great influence of a leading enterprise in Vietnam's smokeless industry. A series of new products of the corporation have been launched, becoming a reason for tourists to come to the destination.

In Đà Nẵng, Sun World Ba Na Hills has launched new projects such as Sun God Waterfall, Moon Castle, Eclipse Square, and Beer and Food festival. Moreover, there are high-class shows such as "The War in the Moon Kingdom", and "The Golden Season", and so on.

The Mediterranean town in the south of Phú Quốc Island is beautiful, like a corner of Amalfi in Italy.

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On Phú Quốc Island, Sun World Phu Quoc is refreshed with Exotica Village and challenging adventure games such as the wooden roller coaster - Wood Snake's Anger, the Eagle's Eye observatory, and the upcoming Tornado. By the end of 2022, this corporation is expected to continue to make Phú Quốc the new spotlight of Asian tourism, with the launch of the 6-star La Festa Phu Quoc hotel, Curio Collection by Hilton, Kiss Bridge, and the multimedia technology show of Kiss The Stars presenting for the first time in Vietnam.

Not only bringing high-class, quality, and different products to Việt Nam tourism, Sun Group also breathes fresh life into the destinations with various festivals and events throughout the summer. From brilliant street carnivals or large-scale and vibrant music concerts in Đà Nẵng, Sầm Sơn (Thanh Hóa), Hà Nam, Hạ Long, etc., to the festivals imbued with highland identity such as the Rose Festival, the season of "Horses on the clouds" in Sa Pa, all the destinations with festival imprints brought by Sun Group have recorded remarkable growth numbers. Sầm Sơn (Thanh Hóa) is a typical example. The city has set an unprecedented record in its tourism history, with more than 6.4 million tourists in the first eight months of 2022, reaching 173% of the 2022 plan.

The series of Sun Fest events within the framework of "Sam Son Sea Tourism Festival 2022" make Thanh Hoa the centre of vibrant festivals throughout the summer.

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This year, APEA also gave Sun Group the "Inspirational Brand Award" because, in addition to its business development, the Group always puts the responsibility of accompanying the country on top.

In each of its projects, Sun Group conveys its desire to beautify the lands, raising the position of Việt Nam tourism. The projects created by this corporation have brought new positions to the destinations in particular and Việt Nam tourism in general. For example, interContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort has been honoured by the World Travel Awards (WTA) for four years as the world's leading luxurious resort. The Golden Bridge of Sun World Ba Na Hills has made global tourists admire it when they come to Da Nang, Vietnam. Besides, JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay has become the destination of international billionaires.

InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort - The world-class luxurious resort for three consecutive years voted by the World Travel Awards.

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Especially in recent years, its philanthropy and sharing with the people in difficult times have been the most inspirational activities of Sun Group. For example, in early March 2022, the group sponsored 100% of the funds and accompanied Vietnam Airlines to bring Vietnamese people in Ukraine back to our homeland in the tense war situation.

With outstanding efforts, the Sun Group has also been honoured by international organizations, with many awards this year, such as "Asia's Leading Travel Group in 2022" (awarded by the WTA) or "Best Workplace in Asia" for the 3rd time awarded by HR Asia Awards. And with two awards, the "Corporate Excellence Award" and "Inspirational Brand Award" from APEA, the Sun Group once again continues to reinforce its increasingly stable position as a leading private economic enterprise in Việt Nam.