HCM City faces multiple healthcare challenges

HCM City is facing three major medical problems, its top healthcare official has said: having to ward off COVID and dengue fever simultaneously, shortage of medicines and equipment and shortage of public medical staff.

Care and treatment crucial to overcome postpartum depression

While any mother can experience postpartum depression, a large number of cases went undiagnosed until they turned severe. Doctors recommend that families should pay attention, provide care and seek prompt treatment to help mothers make a full recovery from the disorder.

Pains from human trafficking

With high rewards on offer, human trafficking is big business, but often it’s the people at the bottom end of this criminal network left to pay the price.

2022 GDP growth prospect: optimistic but also cautious

The possibility that the country's economic growth could fail to meet the target cannot be ruled out and it will be harder for the Government to take measures to both stabilise the economy and boost growth. The challenges require the Government to implement fiscal and monetary policies in a wiser manner.

Việt Nam targets GDP growth rate of 7 per cent in 2022

Việt Nam will strive to gain a GDP growth rate of 7 per cent for the whole year, 0.5 per cent higher than the target set by the Government and the National Assembly, creating a driving force for economic development in 2023, said Minister of Planning and Investment, Nguyễn Chí Dũng.

Airlines instructed not to illegally raise prices over summer

The Civil Aviation Administration of Việt Nam (CAAV) has called on airlines to well handle increased demand during the peak of summer, ensuring that there are illegal increases in ticket prices or limits on people picking up or dropping off travellers at the airport, especially at Nội Bài and Tân Sơn Nhất international airports.

HCM City ramps up disease prevention awareness

The HCM City chapter of the Việt Nam Red Cross Society in coordination with grassroots agencies in Thủ Đức City and 21 districts launched a city-wide communication campaign on dengue fever and hand, foot, and mouth disease prevention on July 3.