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Sotheby’s presents its first exhibition in Việt Nam

Over 50 works by modern Vietnamese masters from the early generation of École des Beaux-Arts de l'Indochine (Indochina School of Fine Arts) will be showcased at Sotheby’s first exhibition in Việt Nam - Timeless Souls: Beyond the Voyage – Hồn Xưa Bến Lạ.
Inner Sanctum

Overseas Vietnamese author promotes culture of her motherland

Quyên Gavoye, an overseas Vietnamese living in France, is a writer who received the Cricket Prize in the Cricket Desire category this year. Her two award-winning novels, Emma thảm hoạ (Disaster Emma) and Biệt đội thám tử (The Detective Squad), were published by the Kim Đồng Publishing House and achieved widespread acclaim.

Investment ready for Hà Nội's relic restoration

Hà Nội's recent decision to mobilise vast financial sources to protect its heritage sites is promising to blow a new breath of life into hundreds of historical and cultural monuments after many years of effort without success.