Discovering wild and charming Noong U Lake in Điện Biên

December, 04/2020 - 09:31

Noong U Lake is as beautiful as a watercolour painting as it is surrounded by mountains and forests and located next to pine forests that are more than 20 years old.


Noong U natural lake is as beautiful as a water-colour painting. — Photo

Lâm Thanh

Noong U Lake is as beautiful as a watercolour painting because it is surrounded by mountains and forests and located next to pine forests that are more than 20 years old.

It is about 30km from Điện Biên Phủ City in Điện Biên Province and is located at more than 1,000m above sea level in Tìa Ló B Village, Pú Nhi Commune, Điện Biên Đông District.

The lake has an area of ​​4 hectares and is surrounded by the Phù Lùng mountain range. It is a highlight of eco-tourism and sightseeing in the area.

According to Thái ethnic people, Noong U means quiet pond, while the Mông people call it Dragon Pond.

The road to Noong U is poetic at this time of year because hoa dã quỳ (wild sunflowers) bloom on both sides of the road.

During the journey to Tìa Ló B Village, we went through Thái and Mông communities and enjoyed the interesting cultural experience spaces and daily activities of locals.

The two main roads from the city to Noong U lake have an increasing height, giving us a clear view of the mountains and hills. The villages of ethnic communities lie peacefully at the foot of the mountain or hang in the middle of the mountain like a colourful picture.

Táo mèo (an apple-like fruit) trees are fruitful on the journey to Noong U lake. — Photo

At the lake, we were impressed as soon as we relaxed under the green pine forest and enjoyed the fresh air.

The pine forests and regenerating forests here embrace Noong U lake. There are small wooden bridges to help explore the lake.

The carpets of flowers around the lake were blossoming, bringing us surprise and excitement.

At the area near the shore, grass rafts, water-plants, moss and floating rock mounds were scattered, giving us a feeling of being lost in the ecological landscape of a coastal mangrove forest.

We arrived at the lake near noon and the surface of the lake was very clear, with gentle waves, clouds, and green pine forests.

The poetic walking path at the Noong U natural lake. — Photo

According to Cứ Chừ Tú, former secretary of the Party Committee of Pú Nhi Commune, village patriarch of Tìa Ló B Village and owner of the Noong U Lake Eco-Tourism Area, Noong U lake was discovered during the process of finding land to grow rice, maize and cassava after the war against the French. Spiritual stories associated with the lake were handed down in the community so at that time no one dared to go to the lake. Therefore, the lake had been forgotten for a long time.

In 1994, having knowledge about freshwater fish farming from conferences organised by the provincial agriculture sector, Tú looked for a place to start his business with gardens and forests.

Tú decided to use the potential of Noong U lake to raise fish. At that time, as a local leader, Tú also encouraged people in the village to join hands in raising fish with him.

With his great efforts, he proved to everyone in the village that Noong U lake was a precious asset that nature gave to people to get rid of hunger and poverty. After the abundant fish harvests at the lake, the mysterious stories that existed before in the villages were removed.

Households in the village have renovated their houses to meet the need of accommodation of tourists and ready to introduce traditional food of Mông and Thái people for tourists such as thịt trâu gác bếp (smoked buffalo meat), măng đắng (bitter bamboo shoots), gà đen Tủa Chùa (Tủa Chùa black chicken) and rêu đá Điện Biên (this special kind of moss grows to cling to rocks sunk in streams).

"The lake has a diverse topography, geomorphology, and very fresh climate. It is very suitable for travel and picnics. My family often comes here at the weekend to relax and enjoy delicious dishes of locals here,” said Trần Văn Cấp from Điện Biên Phủ City. — VNS