Youth theatre launches art project for children

May 31, 2020 - 22:08
This series of programmes marks the return of Youth Theatre after the social distancing period caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


A scene in Infinite War musical, performed by artists of Tuổi Trẻ (Youth) Theatre. — Photo

HÀ NỘI — A series of musical and theatrical plays that aim to offer exciting and educational experiences to children this summer and for International Children’s Day has been launched by Tuổi Trẻ (Youth) Theatre in collaboration with budget airline Vietjet.

The plays are part of the second season of Bay Lên Những Ước Mơ (Flying Dreams) art project. First introduced in the summer of 2019, the project attracted thousands of children and parents to come and watch.

Beginning from May 25, Flying Dreams include three programmes – comedy Vaxilixa Và Phù thủy Độc Ác (Vaxilixa and the Wicked Witch), musical Cuộc Chiến Vô Cực (Infinite War) and musical – comedy Trống Choai Đi Đâu Thế? (Trống Choai, Where Are You Going?).

Vaxilixa and the Wicked Witch is about the journey of a mother searching for her two children lost in the jungle. With its impressive backdrop and lively music, the play is expected to allow children to get lost in the emotional world through an exciting journey accompanied by lovely characters.

Infinite War is a musical by the artists of Youth Theatre, adapted from Vietnamese folk tales in combination with modern hero characters. Featuring a  journey against evil that is full of laughs but also emotional moments, the musical aims to deliver a valuable message of solidarity and kindness.

Trống Choai, Where Are You Going? is a mixture of musical, dance and comedy in the modern variety style of Youth Theatre that includes songs, dances and drama with interactive elements. The audience will be able to participate in the journey via talks and Q&A sections.

This series of programmes marks the return of Youth Theatre after the social distancing period caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Flying Dreams will also pay tribute to those at the frontline who have battled against the coronavirus by presenting thousands of free tickets for children of medical workers in Hà Nội’s hospitals.

According to a Vietjet representative, the company wishes to spread humane messages and true artistic values to the community, especially to future generations, through the special performances of Flying Dreams, which the firm wishes to dedicate the doctors and their families who have been making sacrifices in the fight against COVID-19.

 According to a representative of the Youth Theatre, all the performances in the project will follow the regulations on preventing COVID-19. Specifically, the audience will be guided to abide by measures to maintain safe distances, have body temperature measured and hands disinfected in addition to being given masks on request.

"Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the children's summer vacation has been shortened. Therefore, the Youth Theatre and Vietjet Air expect the second season of Flying Dreams will offer memorable moments as well as motivation for the children before a new school year," the representative of the theatre said.

Youth Theatre is located at 11 Ngô Thì Nhậm Street. For more details about the performances, visit the theatre website— VNS