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After a new do? Choose between Trump and Kim

Update: February, 22/2019 - 22:40
Salon owner Lê Tuấn Dương (left) is offering free haircuts mimicking President Donald Trump and chairman Kim Jong-un to welcome the upcoming summit in Hà Nội. — Photo
Viet Nam News

HÀ NỘI — Hundreds of customers have flocked to a small hair salon in the capital’s Đống Đa District for free haircuts.

But there’s a catch.

If you want a new look for nothing, then you have to choose the style of either US President Donald Trump of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea leader, Kim Jong-un.

Tuấn Dương Hair Salon are just one of the many small businesses throughout the capital who are cashing in, and using next week’s summit, as an opportunity to boost business.

There’s a craft beer bar that has specifically created ale for Chairman Kim.

A t-shirt store on Hàng Bông that normally sells clothing with Vietnamese pictures on, now sells t-shirts with images of Trump and Kim.

And there’s even statues made of the two leaders that stand outside a business in Ba Vi district that provide a perfect photo opportunity for selfie seekers.   

 “As soon as I heard the summit is being held in Hà Nội, I thought of making something special to welcome the big event,” said Lê Tuấn Dương, owner of Tuấn Dương Hair Salon.

“As a peace lover, living in a city dubbed the ‘city of peace’, I have many family members who joined the wars; I understand losses caused by war,” he said. “I hope the summit will succeed with good results for a peaceful world.”

He said President Trump’s hair style takes one hour to recreate as the hair must be dyed, while Chairman Kim’s haircut requires just five minutes.

Dương said more than 200 men have already had their hair done in the styles free of charge.

Chairman Kim’s hair has been the more popular option as it suits young people. In he admitted you can count on one hand how many customers of opted for the Trump look as oppose to a Kim trim.

Dương said the free haircut offer will continue until February 28.

“More than 200 people have come here for Trump and Kim haircuts. Kim style is preferred. Only four to five people chose Trump style.”

Đặng Hùng Anh, 13, with his new Chairman Kim’s haircut. — VNS Photo Paul Kennedy

Lê Phúc Hải, 66, agreed to try Trump’s style as he was curious.

“It looks suitable to my age,” he said.

Meanwhile t-shirt seller Trương Thành Đức said the most popular choice of garment has been the one featuring both political heavyweights.

“The t-shirts with the two leaders together sell better than the shirts with one leader alone,” he said.

At Standing Bar in Trúc Bạch they have developed a craft beer especially for Chairman Kim.

The idea of the beer is not in relation to any political things, but it is quite funny when you just play with the name, it’s fine.”

Businessman Nguyễn Tiến Sơn, of the Paragon Hill Resort, in Ba Vì District had to wait two months for statues of the two leaders to be built.

He hopes the conference will pave the way for world peace.

He said: “I do hope that an agreement between the two leaders will be made and this will contribute to the region and world’s peace.”

Youngster Đặng Hùng Anh, will go to school on Monday sporting a new haircut that is sure to be the envy of his classmates.

“I like the Kim hair style because he’s the leader of a country,” said the 13-year-old.

“His hair is stylish.” — VNS


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