Korean actress Jeon So Min and her film, 18 Youth,  featured at DANAFF II

July 10, 2024 - 15:12
Fans of popular Korean actress Jeon So Min got to meet her up close when she visited Việt Nam with the film crew 18 Youth to attend the 2024 Đà Nẵng Asian Film Festival (DANAFF II).
ADORING FANS: Jeon So Min is surrounded by her fans in the premiere of the film 18 Youth in Đà Nẵng. — Photo courtesy of Anh Vũ/DANAFF

Minh Khuê

Vietnamese audiences are familiar with Korean actress and model Jeon So Min thanks to her former participation in the Korean game show Running Man.

This month, her admirers in Đà Nẵng got the opportunity to meet her up close, when she visited to Việt Nam with the film crew of her latest film 18 Youth, participating in the 2024 Đà Nẵng Asian Film Festival (DANAFF II).

The film competed in the Asian Films Category at the festival.

Min was welcomed by her fans with open arms as soon as she arrived in Đà Nẵng airport, many of them then also attended the screening and met with the film crew.

The actress had a chance to talk about her lead role in the film to her fans in the film audience.

In 18 Youth, she is an 18-year-old female student encountering the psychological difficulty of adolescence, which is the rebellion phase that everyone has experienced and always needs help.

“During their teenage years, individuals tend to be highly rebellious and desire to express themselves in public,” So Min told Việt Nam News.

“Students always need a teacher's assistance and direction during that time. They will improve themselves if they find an instructor and receive appropriate guidance. Our goal with the film is to tell such a story.

“Regardless of the time period, young people always need assistance during puberty and the rebellious stage of life. I hope that the audience will be able to understand the message that the film is trying to convey,” she said.

Min filmed 18 Youth in the summer and the current weather in Đà Nẵng reminded her of that time on set.

MEETING THE PRESS: Jeon So Min at the 2024 Đà Nẵng Asian Film Festival (DANAFF II). — VNS Photo Minh Khuê

She and the film crew were excited to be selected for DANAFF II and their days in Đà Nẵng offered them endless wonderful experiences in the coastal city, enjoying the people, culture and cuisine.

“Koreans love Đà Nẵng and I have heard great things about this city. Unfortunately, my stay in Đà Nẵng was brief due to my schedule,” she told Việt Nam News.

Even though she did not have much time, she still enjoyed bánh xèo (Vietnamese pancakes), bánh mì and phở.

She especially enjoyed rau mùi or ngò in Vietnamese (cilantro in English) while most South Koreans do not like it.

“I'm the opposite. I like it so much,” she said.

“The coastline of Đà Nẵng is breathtakingly gorgeous. During my free time, I walked along the beach alone. Despite the temperature being a little heated, the wind is blowing cool and the sea is appealing in blue.

“Hopefully, I will have more time there the next time, when I can bring my family to learn more about this beautiful coastal city.” — VNS