Việt Nam's first all AI generated and mobile phone captured sci-fi film released for free

June 23, 2024 - 12:22
Director Phạm Vĩnh Khương describes Chạm as his most ambitious project yet, entirely produced using AI technology with a total production time of 3,000 hours.

As a revolutionary film in the Vietnamese cinema industry, Chạm by Director Phạm Vĩnh Khương, created entirely using AI on a mobile device, will be released free of charge.

HCM CITY – Director Phạm Vĩnh Khương made 'Chạm' as a groundbreaking film in the cinema industry. Using AI algorithms and tools, the film's cinematography, sound design and scenes were entirely crafted and processed on a mobile device, resulting in vivid and compelling imagery. It will be released free of charge.

The director recently unveiled a captivating short video introducing his latest film, which centres around the theme of domestic violence.

The video has captured public interest not just for its stunning visual effects and cutting-edge production techniques, but also for the profound humanistic message it conveys.

Chạm is a film project dedicated to Vietnam Family Day (June 28). VNA/VNS Photo

Director Phạm Vĩnh Khương describes Chạm as his most ambitious project yet, entirely produced using AI technology with a total production time of 3,000 hours.

Set in a dystopian world on the brink of apocalypse, the film immerses audiences in haunting images of a devastated planet, guiding them through the journey of its central characters.

These characters, once consumed by ambition and personal glorification, embark on a gruelling journey where they learn that true heroism lies not in single-handedly saving the world, but in cherishing the emotional bonds and community that have shaped them.

Through the film Chạm, Khương delivers a poignant message about love and human connections in a society marked by turbulence and trials. In his narrative, amidst uncertainty, love and interpersonal bonds emerge as the most resilient anchors.

When confronted with difficult choices, nurturing genuine relationships and fostering mutual respect becomes paramount. 

The film goes beyond mere societal critique to explore profound family dynamics, revealing their wounds and aspirations for healing. Produced on a non-profit basis, Chạm aims to contribute a meaningful voice to community connections.

The director sees the film as both an experiment and a personal challenge, striving to create a powerful cinematic experience with minimal resources.

This approach not only optimises the production process and cuts down costs, but also unleashes endless creative possibilities.

A scene from the short film Chạm directed by Phạm Vĩnh Khương. VNA/VNS Photo

"I aimed to make Chạm accessible to all through the simplest and most cost-effective means possible. That's why I decided to take on every aspect of production and create this project entirely on my mobile phone, " said Director Phạm Vĩnh Khương.

" This decision is also my way of encouraging aspiring filmmakers, who may lack access to professional teams and high-end equipment. Using AI to highlight issues like domestic violence is just one facet of the broader narrative in Chạm.

"This endeavour is not merely personal. It is a contribution towards fostering a more positive and cohesive community. My goal is to propagate positive energy through both my filmmaking approach and storytelling. By investing modestly, I believe we can create substantial and impactful content."

By offering viewers Chạm for free, he also seeks to encourage individuals to share and contemplate essential values like empathy, connection and mutual care within family relationships, pivotal to our shared sense of humanity. VNS