Time is right for Vietnamese football to update scheduling

Adhering to the agreed time frame with the AFC and Europe will contribute to a more vibrant domestic transfer market. Vietnamese players will have increased opportunities to play abroad as the transfer windows in Việt Nam and overseas will overlap.
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Looking back to move forwards

As the team say farewell to the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup and bid goodbye to the oldest coach of the event, Mai Đức Chung, there are many ways to reflect on their performance and move forward.
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Cashless payments taking off

Cashless payments have become a popular trend among Vietnamese people, with buyers increasingly opting to transfer funds or scan QR codes for both big and small transactions.
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Children suffering from outdated divorce stigma

Nowadays, as more and more topics are viewed with more open-mindedness, most adults would somewhat agree that, while a couple should try their hardest to mend their issues together, divorce is a reasonable last-resort after nothing has worked out.