A simple act for a cleaner, greener city

It is past the first full moon after Tết (Lunar New Year festival) and the amount of discarded peach blossom branches has become a problem for the city's sanitary workers.

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Why bánh chưng Tết is more than just a dish

Bánh chưng is the homeland, the happy childhood of hard manual work in the cutting cold winter. Bánh chưng is the original Vietnamese way of explaining the origin of the universe, and represents gratitude, the love of children who always find a way to show it to their parents regardless of circumstance.

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What to bring your mother for Tết

It all started with rapper Đen Vâu's Lunar New Year music video "Mang Tiền Về Cho Mẹ" (Bring Money Home to Your Mother). The video, which has had 40 million views since it was released at the end of last month had made everyone at least consider for a minute or more what he or she is going to give to their mother.
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All's well that ends well in ancient villages

When considering old Vietnamese villages, people are quick to think of banyan trees, local wells and communal houses, which are widely seen as “ancient cultural icons” of rural areas. Beside their substantial real life value, they are symbolic of a community culture where people meet, talk and exchange news.

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We must not drop our guard on COVID

This week Hà Nội saw its number of coronavirus patients on the rise, passing three digits to reach above 200 on Tuesday. Hồ Chí Minh City's Hóc Môn District saw new patients rise above 1,000.

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Traffic light signals change for Đà Lạt

With its first traffic light installed and six more to come this year, Đà Lạt is no longer the “city without traffic lights, cyclos, and air-conditioners” that it’d long been known as, raising different reactions among those who care about it.