Honouring the traditions of the Mông people

The recognition of the pan flute of the Mông as "National Intangible Cultural Heritage" is not only aimed at preserving their indispensable folk instrument, but also encourages them to continue their traditions not only for spiritual ceremonies, but to allow visitors and tourists to observe this art and take part in local activities.

Imagining a Việt Nam without motorbikes

There are reasons to curb the use of motorbikes in the country: urban air pollution, traffic jams, and messy city views. But public transport must get proper government investment to operate and function effectively
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Are livestream influencers getting drunk on power?

These days, e-shopping has gradually transformed into an entertainment habit for most consumers and is evolving into a consumer culture of the current younger generation. But the leniency shown by customers is causing some well-known KOCs to become excessively confident.
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What's in a name? Spring rolls in different dialects

In Hà Nội a simple order for nem is enough. But when you travel outside of Hà Nội then the spring rolls are called "chả nem" in Hải Phòng, Hải Dương, Quảng Ninh, Nam Định and Thái Bình in the north, while in the south, they are called "chả giò" across the Mekong Delta.
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Looking back to move forwards

As the team say farewell to the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup and bid goodbye to the oldest coach of the event, Mai Đức Chung, there are many ways to reflect on their performance and move forward.