We should give our misled youth a second chance

While a group of youths' pathetic act of retaliation must be punished, an unwanted involvement with the law could stain the future of these youths when what they need is to learn a lesson and be able to release their anger in a way that is not so damaging to them.
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Shopping online has a high price-tag

The outbreak of the COVID-19 since early this year has given a boost to online shopping, but people are concerned they ended up with many discarded carton boxes and plastic bags – the containers of the items that they ordered.

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Performing on a digital stage

The ministry of culture is planning for an online theatre project to entertain audience, who cannot go to theatre during Covid-19 pandemic and also a way to rescue art troupes from being in debt without income from selling tickets.

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The show can’t go on

Singer Trọng Tấn and his colleagues Đăng Dương and Việt Hoàn had prepared carefully for Đường Chúng Ta Đi (The Way We Go), a show initially planned for September. With the second wave of COVID-19 now upon us, however, they had to postpone.

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Online medical tips a dangerous game

In the boom of social networks, many people think it’s convenient to find information about healthcare online. Be aware that they can receive wrong knowledge, more and more doctors use social networks to make right things go viral.

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What’s in a name?

Recent news of a maths professor at a US community college asking one of his students to “Anglicise” her name made headlines around the world, while the offending email was widely shared on social media.