Public loudspeakers: old weapons in a new war

The famous public address system in Hà Nội seems to be on an historic mission again and is proving an effective channel to transmit urgent messages during the coronavirus pandemic, especially during social distancing.

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Every breath you take

Hoàng Tuấn Anh, the creator of the country’s now famous 'Rice ATMs', which provided rice to thousands in need during the three previous coronavirus waves, came up with an oxygen ATM machine network, teaming up with Việt Nam's Young Entrepreneurs Association and HCM City's youth union organisation to help patients during the pandemic. 

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Vintage fashion: lifestyle for a sustainable future

The year 2020 definitely changed our lives in different ways, particularly our shopping habits. The people with whom I have had discussions about vintage fashion and their willingness to shop for older items have all agreed that vintage fashion is taking over the market. 

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When it comes to visas, it helps to think global

In recent weeks and months, there have been umpteen reports of foreigners of seemingly all stripes in Việt Nam struggling to renew their visas to remain in the country, whether they hold tourist visas, legitimate labour visas and work permits or less legitimately acquired paperwork.

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Hà Nội yearns for shady days

It’s official: The imported maple trees along Hà Nội’s Nguyễn Chí Thanh Boulevard are to be removed. Five years after they were planted in the hope of providing local people with some red and yellow hues during the capital’s beautiful autumn, which has long inspired musicians and poets, the trees simply could not survive the weather.

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‘Old Daddy’ finds a place in the heart

Released for just over a week, the film has grossed VNĐ300 billion (US$13 million) against a production budget of VNĐ20 billion ($850,000) -- an all-time box office record in Việt Nam. It has piqued the interest of viewers from all walks of life.