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Let the World Cup be a beautiful game for all

The Women's National Football Team has broken record after record and nailed numerous victories in their championships and tournaments. The professional women footballers are not only cup winners, but they can also talk football in a very informative and articulate way.
Talk Around Town

Beware, the vlogger pandemic is upon us

The new tây ba lô may still sport the obligatory tie-dye tees and probably own spandex psychedelic pants, but after two years of pandemic lockdown, the 2022 travellers sole obsession seems to be to narcissistically stare at their own image, recording their experience rather than absorbing the sights and sounds of the here and now.
Talk Around Town

Please leave Hồ Tây as it is

For the past weeks, Hanoians have been up and talking non-stop about a new project to build a 1,600-seat opera theatre on the site of the famous one-hundred petal Đầm Trị lotus pond.