Agent Orange on trial yet again

Trần Tố Nga said she is fighting for her life and for her family, and behind her are 3 million Vietnamese also affected by the toxic chemicals the US armed forces used in Việt Nam.

Heart of the circus still beating

The Việt Nam Circus Federation has just celebrated its 65th anniversary, which is an occasion for the sector’s workers to review its history and development.

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Best to keep the focus at home

The first week of 2021 saw something that movies could never believably depict. It was captured live, with the US Capitol coming under attack from protesters who broke in while Congress was in joint session finalising the voting on who will be US President for the next four years.

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No one could conceive of such times

Việt Nam was a land so many wanted to leave, mainly due to economic difficulties, but now is a land many want to return to. This is not to brag about the country’s effective control of COVID-19; it’s about the community spirit, supporting people in need.

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Much still to be considered about the COVID vaccine

Việt Nam this week announced it was seeking volunteers to take part in the first phase of a Made-by-Việt Nam vaccination programme. But we should not let slip the sound practices we have adopted, like wearing face masks, washing our hands regularly, and rinsing our nose and throat morning and night with a safe liquid.

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Competition has no place at class reunions

It seems that every former classmates look forward to class reunion as it allows us to get together again, reviewing memories and updating about each other’s situations. However, many have taken chance to show off their wealth and families.

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Could you survive sans smartphone?

Try to get by without your phone for a day, and you might just find a little freedom you didn’t even know you didn’t have. It’s hard to put the phone away, sure. But when it’s not there, you can’t even be tempted.

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Trending tells you nothing about what’s good

Despite containing teasers on sexual issues, offensive music and nonsense contents, many poor-quality videos still have been ranked in Youtube’s Top Trending chart, which is the emerging problem of Vietnamese entertainment these days. This fact also brings up a question: is the chart could be considered as the criteria of judging an artist’s success or not?

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Where disaster strikes, goodwill follows

In times of emergency, Vietnamese people have a knack for reacting quite promptly. They co-ordinate well, communicate well, and set aside any disagreements to work towards a common goal, which in this case is to bring people to safety and provide them with life’s necessities.

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Shopping online has a high price-tag

The outbreak of the COVID-19 since early this year has given a boost to online shopping, but people are concerned they ended up with many discarded carton boxes and plastic bags – the containers of the items that they ordered.

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Performing on a digital stage

The ministry of culture is planning for an online theatre project to entertain audience, who cannot go to theatre during Covid-19 pandemic and also a way to rescue art troupes from being in debt without income from selling tickets.