Meditation and yoga eco-tour helps ease COVID woes

Spending eight years decorating a 5,000sq.m shrimp farm in Cẩm Thanh nipa palm forest in Hội An, local resident Võ Bá Quốc has turned it into a meditation, vegetarian and yoga retreat forming a tranquil eco-village to calm the mind, body and spirit.

Traditional taxis make a comeback

With the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent increase in the price of gasoline, many people have re-opted for traditional taxis because it is increasingly difficult to book ride-share cars, and the fares have risen sharply.

Cồn Đen eco-tourism area, a wild beauty

In addition to Đồng Châu and Cồn Vành, Cồn Đen is also an extremely attractive and interesting destination for tourists both inside and outside the province. It is only 150km from the capital of Hà Nội, so it is an ideal beach tourism destination for tourists on summer days.
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New book examines 1945 famine that killed two million people

A brainchild of the Sự Thật (Truth) National Political Publishing House and Omega Plus Company, "Nạn Đói năm 1945 ở Việt Nam: Những Chứng Tích Lịch Sử" (1945 Famine in Việt Nam: Historical Evidence), was compiled by Vietnamese Professor Văn Tạo (former Rector of Việt Nam History Institute) and Japanese Prof Futura Motoo (Chairman of Japan’s Southeast Asia Studies Association).