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Hong Kong-style dining in the heart of Sài Gòn

Update: April, 09/2017 - 09:00
Sweet eats: Coconut marshmallow rabbits, a delicious dessert so cute you may not want to eat it. VNS Photos Anh Duy
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You’ll be spoiled for choice at Ngân Đình Saigon. Dim sum, Cantonese BBQ and coconut marshmallow rabbits are only a few of the restaurant’s delicacies that will have you quickly making a return booking. Mỹ Duyên samples the fare.   

What distinguishes Ngân Đình Saigon from other Hong Kong-style restaurants in downtown HCM City is its new selection of authentic but affordable Cantonese recipes offered in an atmosphere of refined hospitality.

With its open kitchen looking out onto Đồng Khởi Street in the heart of the city, Ngân Đình Saigon catches the eye of many passersby.

The three-storey structure, reminiscent of traditional Hong Kong eateries, serves the classic flavours of Cantonese cuisine, including dim sum and roasted dishes, while its décor has a tropical inspiration with hand-painted wall coverings and delicate mosaics.

At the entrance, an impressive aquarium welcomes guests with a selection of live seafood and a grand staircase leads to the main dining halls and private rooms, a perfect destination for family-style dining.

The restaurant’s expansive menu features a tempting selection of traditional dim sum, including steamed shrimp dumplings, steamed pork buns, dried seafood dumplings in soup, and wontons with spicy sauce.

We started with appetiser specialities, succulent honey-glazed BBQ pork (VNĐ198,000) and roasted crispy pork belly (VNĐ198,000).

Tasty broth: Fresh squid balls and seaweed soup with noodles are a must try.

Skillfully prepared from the freshest ingredients, the two items were surprisingly impressive. The homemade honey sauce gave the BBQ a succulent yellow-brown colour, while the pork belly looked tantalising and was rich and crispy, with no fat, that I ate a bit too greedily.

These two dishes are not-to-be-missed delicacies.

Also on offer is a long list of Cantonese specialties, including roasted suckling pig (VNĐ398,000 and above), baked abalone puffs with diced chicken (VNĐ88,000) and sauteed seafood with vegetables (VNĐ248,000).

Dim sum love

Since we are crazy for dim sum, we couldn’t pass up the array of dim sum on offer: steamed shrimp dumplings, steamed pork buns, steamed pork and shrimp dumplings with crab roe (VNĐ78,000 per basket), and deep-fried spring rolls (VNĐ58,000).

They were all standout dishes.

When first seeing the dim sum, my seven-year-old son said they were “so cute” and “so yummy. I love these. They’re the best, mum”.

He finished two portions of four each, while I had to order more for me, my daughter and my friend to share.

The pork buns and pork and shrimp dumplings with crab roe were tasty, but my daughter especially liked the deep-fried spring rolls.

For lovers of Chinese-style rice and noodles, there was a wide range of choices.

Those who love stir-fried rice should not miss the well-known Yang Chow fried rice and fried rice with pork belly and preserved vegetables, priced at VNĐ138,000 each.

The restaurant also offers healthy and nutritious noodles starting from VNĐ68,000. Among the must-tries include BBQ pork soup, roasted duck soup, and stewed beef brisket, all served with noodles.

I rewarded myself with a bowl of fresh squid balls and seaweed soup with noodles (VNĐ68,000), while my family indulged in braised rice vermicelli with shredded duck (VNĐ138,000). 

It was the best noodle dish I had ever eaten. The highlight was the broth, which was clear, juicy and aromatic thanks to the perfect combination of fresh squid, pork and seaweed.

For seafood lovers, fresh and succulent crab and lobster prepared in various ways can be found at Ngân Đình Saigon.

The chef recommended deep-fried baby lobster with shredded turnip (VNĐ198,000) and steamed crab, Chiu Chow style (VNĐ 238,000).

After the noodles, we chose two desserts, the fantastic coconut marshmallow rabbits (VNĐ17,000) and a complementary steamed water chestnut cake.

“The rabbits look so cute that I can’t eat them, mum!” my daughter said. The rabbit shaped-cakes, indeed, looked like a “magnificent piece of art”, she said.

Many other Hong Kong-style desserts, including egg custard buns, baked egg tart with green tea, and red bean sweet pudding, starting from VNĐ38,000, are also available, but they will have to wait for our next visit. VNS     

Ngân Đình Saigon Restaurant

Address: 52 - 54 Đồng Khởi Street, District 1

Phone: (08) 39826868                                                                                                       

Hours: 10.30am-10.30pm (Mon – Sat); 10am-10.30pm (Sunday and holidays)

Comment: authentic Cantonese dishes, beautifully decorated desserts, eye-catching interior design and refined hospitality.

Traditional choice: Steamed shrimp dumplings are a highlight.
Rich and crispy: Honey-glazed BB pork and crispy pork belly are two of Ngân Đinh Saigon’s specialities.


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