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Retro cafe perfect for Christmas in Hà Nội

Update: December, 19/2021 - 10:34

Bảo Ngọc

Although Christmas is not a public holiday in Việt Nam, it has been welcomed by people all over the country. Stepping out of the streets of Hà Nội at this time, it is not difficult to see typical images of the holiday season such as pine trees, snowmen or red-nosed reindeer.

On-trend, many cafes in the capital city have changed their new decorations in a very Christmas way to serve customers during the festive season.

If you are a fan of vinyl records and retro music, Montauk by LP Club might be the perfect place to spend this Christmas in Hà Nội.

The menu is printed on vinyl records. VNS Photo Bảo Ngọc

Located on the bustling Kim Mã Street, the cafe attracts the attention of pedestrians with striking orange tones and retro architecture influenced by the pop culture and romantic movies of the 2000s.

The name Montauk is inspired by the line "Meet me in Montauk" in the classic movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind when a broken-up couple finds a machine that erases their memories of each other but still can recall Montauk where they first met.

Montauk's space includes a bar on the facade, a coffee and cocktail area deep inside, and a second-floor called LP Club that sells vinyl records, cassettes and CDs.

Stepping into the indoor space, customers will be impressed by the classic Christmas music playlist, which is played from vinyl and cassette tapes.

The nostalgic atmosphere also comes from the wooden tables, chairs and the display of huge vintage books. Here, patrons can enjoy their favourite drink, listen to classical songs and at the same time freely choose a few novels to read.

The nostalgic atmosphere comes from the wooden furniture and the display of huge vintage books. VNS Photo Bảo Ngọc

Music lovers can go to the second floor to buy vinyl records and watch the sky through a glass window, and you can tell the staff and order a drink to sip in the area above.

The second floor called LP Club sells vinyl records, cassettes and CDs. — Photo courtesy of the cafe

The drinks menu here is diverse, including coffee, mocktails, cocktails, tea, fresh juice, mixed drink and snacks. Many of the drinks have interesting names inspired by famous Vietnamese songs like Mascara, which is a hot peppermint mocha latte, or Em dạo này (You These Days), a refreshing tea made from lychee and passion fruit.

However, the top choices for many are still the two cocktails, Joel and Clementine, which are named after two characters in the movie.

While Clementine has a strong flavour with a combination of Jose Cuervo tequila, Absinthe 55, mint and lime, the Joel has a lighter taste with Barcardi light, Malibu, pineapple, coconut syrup, lemon and coffee.

An option for non-alcoholic drinkers is the Montauk creamy coffee, a drink with rich caramel and creamy flavours, suitable for those with a sweet tooth.

Montauk creamy coffee with a rich caramel and creamy flavour. VNS Photo Bảo Ngọc

Drink prices range from VNĐ30,000 to 45,000 for coffee, around VNĐ50,000 for tea, and up to VNĐ200,000 for a mocktail or cocktail.

During the Christmas season, besides the regular menu, the cafe also offers two festive drinks: Mulled Wine, a hot wine served with gingerbread, and The Little Match Girl, inspired by the fairy tale story of the same name by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen.

The cafe offers cakes for the festive season. VNS Photo Bảo Ngọc

The newly opened Montauk by LP Club has become a favourite place for music and movie enthusiasts. With old furniture and architecture that seems outdated, this cafe offers a fresh, interesting experience.

The classic American-style space is suitable for expatriates living in Hà Nội as well as locals. In the cosy space of the cafe, a Christmas tree with twinkling lights is displayed next to an antique TV which makes you feel enchanted from the moment you enter.

For bokeh photography enthusiasts, this is the perfect place to capture sparkling moments. Though it is a pity the space inside is quite small, as it may cause a little discomfort for other guests when taking pictures.

On the other hand, in the cold and festive atmosphere of Hà Nội, sitting next to close friends in this small space can bring people together. It’s so cosy, and the gentle and soothing playlist will make you feel relaxed amid the bustle of the city.

Christmas and nostalgia lovers, if you haven't found a place to sit down and chat with your loved ones at year-end, Montauk might just be the place for you. VNS

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