Asorted vegetables soup with dried shrimps and egg veggie omelette

March 28, 2021 - 09:17

Simple home food made by Madame Dương thị Cường



Simple home food made by Madame Dương thị Cường

A mother and son team of Madame Dương thị Cường and her son Đồng Văn Hùng in Thái Nguyên Province has successfully launched their Youtube channel: Ẩm thực mẹ làm (Food Mama Makes) that has 900,000 subscribers after two years.

The channel not only shows the beauty of rural landscape and life in northern Việt Nam, it also provides recipes to make some of the cornerstones of Vietnamese authentic cuisine.

A simple meal of steamed rice, a vegetable sauteed dish and pickled eggplant, freshly picked from the garden used to be what Vietnamese people had for many years. 





Asorted vegetables soup with dried little shrimps and Egg veggie omelette

Ingredients for one:

- dried little shrimps (tép khô): a bunch

- assorted vegetables, use what you have, like spinach and sweet potato greens, or green mustard

- 2 large eggs

- a bunch of wormwood vegetable (ngải cứu if you shop in the market), wash and finely chopped

- seasoning to taste


- Bring 350ml of water to boil, add dried little shrimp, boil for 10 minutes then cut the mixed vegetables, lower the flame and bring it to boil again, add some salt to keep the veggie green

- to make the egg omelette: break the eggs into a bowl, add a table spoon of water, add half a teaspoon of salt or seasoning, add the finely chopped wormwood veggie

- put the pan on high heat, add cooking oil, pour the egg mixture into the heated pan, then lower heat to medium for the egg and veggie to cook, then roll over. Cut and serve

This simple meal can be cooked in less than half an hour and be served with steamed rice.

Bon appetit!