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Peking duck pancakes

Update: November, 15/2020 - 08:39

With chef Li Suen Wai from Ngân Đình Restaurant

 Chef Li Suen Wai 


- 1 cucumber, cut into thin slices

- Small bunch of spring onions, shredded

- 1 duck, weighing 2.8 kg - 3 kg

- Five-flavoured spices

- Crepes

- Traditional Chinese black sauce


Peking duck pancakes


- Clean the duck, marinate with spices, dry for 4-5 hours then roast for 45 minutes, pour boiling oil onto duck skin to make it crispy and coloured.

- Remove skin from duck, wrap in crepe with slices of cucumber and shredded spring onions, put teaspoon of Chinese sauce on each crepe and serve.

You can enjoy this speciality at Ngân Đình Restaurant, Second Floor, Hà Nội Daewoo Hotel. Hotline: 0902 167 698.


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