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Shrimp Dumplings

Update: January, 08/2017 - 09:00
Viet Nam News

 with executive chef Patrick Ho from Fortuna Hotel Hanoi

Among all kinds of Chinese traditional dim sum, shrimp dumpling is claimed to be the most favorite jiaozi (a kind of Chinese dumpling). The dish is famed for its briny flavor comes from fresh shrimp and soft and tender feelings when bitting from wrappers. This dim sum symbolises happiness and luck, usually appears in family reunion dinner.

Ingredients: serves 6

100g wrapper flour

100g tapioca

50g shrimp, minced

1 tsp salt

1 tsp chicken powder

Cooking oil to taste


To make the filling:

- Finely mix the shrimp by hand. Try not to mix it too hard.

- Season with prepared condiments and keep mixing to perfection.

- Put the filling in refrigerator for 10 mins to make it easier to wrap.

To make the wrapper:

- Mix wrapper flour, tapioca and boiled water in a large bowl until your hands feel the nice and smooth dough.

- Place the dough on a flat surface and make each approximately 1mm-thick circular wrapper.

- Put the filling inside and wrap it up like scallop shape.

- Boil water, put the dumplings inside the bamboo steamer and steam for 4 minutes. Serves hot.

You can sample the dish at Fortuna Hotel Hanoi, 6B Láng Hạ Str, Ba Đình Dist, Hà Nội. Tel: (84 – 4) 3831 3333 – 6434/6435.





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