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Herbal Stewed Mutton

Update: November, 27/2016 - 09:00
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With executive chef Patrick Ho of Fortuna Hotel Hanoi

Like almost all other traditional herbal stewed dishes, herbal stewed mutton brings the extra organic flavour right straight to your noses. The complex mixture of various Chinese herbs, braised together with sliced goat meat makes the whole dish an authentic, perfectly healthy delicious hot pot!


300g goat meat

10g female ginseng

10g dangshen

5g goji

3 red algae

10g leek

20g ginger

10g bean curd skin

10g scallion

10g coriander

10g chicken powder

10g seasoning powder

5g sugar

5g salt

10ml Shao Hsing wine (Yellow wine)

10g bean purée

5g soy sauce



  • Cut goat meat into cubes, bring to a boil for around 10 mins to remove the strong smell, then wash carefully to remove impurities.
  • In a large pot, boil washed goat meat with ginger and onion for added fragrance.
  • Soak each herbal ingredient in different bowls and wash with clean water, dry.
  • Briefly stir fry ginger and spring opinion, add goat meat and Hao Hsing wine, and stir fry until the flavours combine well, then add goat meat broth and stew until the meat is tender and moist.
  • Finally add dang shen, female ginseng, goji, red algae, bean curd skin and stew till done.
  • Season to taste then garnish with coriander.

For enquiries and reservations, contact Food & Beverage Department at Tel. 04 3831 3333 – ext 6461 or email or visit Fortuna Hotel Hanoi, 6B Láng Hạ Str, Ba Đình Dist, Hà Nội.  Tel: (84 – 4) 3831 3333 – 6434/6435.




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