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Guangdong Stewed Goat Meat

Update: October, 30/2016 - 09:00
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with executive chef Patrick Ho from Fortuna Hotel Hanoi 


Guangdong Stewed Goat Meat is distinctly different from the traditional herbal stewed goat meat. Instead of well-known Chinese herbals, this pot contains white radish that sweetens the soup, ginger that pulls out the strong smell of goat meat, chestnut and tang oh that balance the taste. With added flavor from leek, carrot and bamboo shoot, Guangdong Stewed Goat Meat is both fully nutritious and uniquely delicious, promise to warm your body up in the cold winter.

Ingredients: serves 1

300g goat meat

50g water chestnut

50g radish

50g carrot

10g Shitake mushroom

10g leek

5g ginger

50g bamboo shoot

50g spring onion

10g tofu

5g Sichuan chilli

10ml Shao Hsing wine (yellow wine)

10g sugar

10g oyster sauce

1g pepper

5g soy sauce


-     - Cut goat meat into cubes, bring to a boil for around 10 mins to remove the strong smell, then wash carefully to remove the impurity.

-     - In a large pot, boil washed goat meat with ginger and onion for more fragrance.

-     - Cut radish and carrot into medium cubes and peel off the water chestnut.

-     - Soak shiitake mushrooms until soft then remove the stems.

-      - Quickly stir fry ginger and spring opinion, then add goat meat and wine, stir fry until they are well combined, after that add goat meat broth and stew until the meat is soft. Finally, add carrot, radish and mushroom.

-      - Season to your taste. The dish is served with lettuce and glebionis coronaria.

You can enjoy this dish at Fortuna Hotel Hanoi, 6B Láng Hạ St, Ba Đình Dist. Tel: 04 831 3333, ext 6216/17 for reservations. 

chef Ho



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