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Crispy Prawn Pancake

Update: September, 04/2016 - 17:13
Viet Nam News

with executive chef Trịnh Tuấn Cường from JW Marriott Hanoi Hotel  

This week, change your appetite with a new specialty, the hotel’s celebrated prawn pancake by chef Cường!

Ingredients: serves 2

To make the batter:

- 150g bánh xèo (sizzling cake) flour

- 35g corn starch

- 500ml water

- 5g turmeric powder

- 3g salt

- 2g spring onion, chopped fine

- 15ml coconut milk

To make the filling:

- 150g shrimp, peeled (40pcs/kg)

- 100g pork neck

- 50g bean sprouts

- 10g mung bean (green gram)

- Coriander, mint, fennel, perilla leaves to taste


- Combine all batter ingredients in a large bowl for 15 minutes.

- Steam or soak mung beans and boil pork until cooked and slice thinly.

- Steam shrimp and set aside.

- Wash bean sprouts, veggies and herbs.

- Over medium high heat, add 1-2 teaspoons of oil. Add a few pieces of pork and shrimp. Sauté and lightly mix until lightly browned. Pour in some batter and quickly tilt and rotate the pan so the batter is evenly spread.

- Add some mung beans and bean sprouts until slightly cooked. The batter should also be slightly cooked and transparent around the edges. Wait for the crepe to become crisp. Fold in half, transfer to plate and serve hot.

You can sample the dish at JW Marriott Hanoi Hotel, 8 Đỗ Đức Dục Road, Mễ Trì Ward, South Từ Liêm Dist, Hà Nội. Tel: +04 3833 5588.





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