Human Regenerator Jet World Exclusive Regeneration Technology unveiled

November 25, 2020 - 02:24
Human Regenerator Jet World Exclusive Regeneration Technology unveiled

BADZWISCHENAHN, GERMANY - EQS Newswire - 25 November 2020 - System4 Technologies GmbH, aGerman developer and producer of innovative health and wellness technologiesand products, unveiled its brand new 2021 Human Regenerator Jet 10 years afterthe first Human Regenerator Generation. 

The HumanRegenerator Jet is the world's only electronic device that counteracts theconsequences of oxidative stress, degeneration and aging with the science ofphysics.


Revolutionary Technology

Oxidativestress is caused by natural cell division or by external influences such as harmfulenvironmental factors, harmful food, inflammation, stress, infection orillnesses. Oxidative stress is responsible for aging and the loss ofvitality.  It is also the cause of manyknown diseases. Oxidative stress produces free radicals which harm cells andDNA. Physically speaking free radicals are incomplete, forming unpairedelectrons, missing one electron. The exclusive Human Regenerator Jet gentlytransmits active electrons to the user in form of micro currents thatcounteract oxidative stress in a revolutionary and effective way. In the newadvanced method, the micro currents are produced by negative ion plasma that isgently transported by electronic induction. The user feels the session by apleasant antistatic field.



Eachsession lasts half an hour. Applicators on arms and legs discharge excesselectrons into the earth. The Human Regenerator Jet has purely positive effects on the entire body withoutany side effects. Therefore it can't be overexposed, since more than an idealbio-energetic level cannot be reached. The user feels relaxed in a meditativestate.



Bycounteracting the consequences of oxidative stress, the regeneration processcan assist in the strengthening of the immune and nervous system, enhancementof the skin's structure and rejuvenation of the whole body. The effect also hasanti-aging properties by optimizing all of the bio-energetic processes in thebody, including metabolism and cell division. It helps to improve the quality oflife of the user. 


Concept and Distribution

Since 2020health and well-being have moved into our focus to be the basis of all being anddoing. We believe that effective home healthcare and anti-aging will be an essential part of our new lifestyle.  The HUMAN REGENERATOR JET is pioneering. Theconcept and category of the device are unique in the world.  The superluxury, personalized HUMANREGENERATOR JET is offered worldwide for buying or leasing. The purchase pricesare in the six-figure euro range and are set individually depending on thecountry and sales structure. For this, the buyer receives a superluxurious andunique high-tech on-demand-only interior device that is manufactured in a6-month time period. The device is handmade in northwestern Germany. A limitednumber of only 300 HUMAN REGENERATOR JET will be produced and offered in 2021.Production of the device will remain limited during the following years.


About System4 Technology GmbH

System4Technology GmbH a high-tech life science company located in Germany is adeveloper and producer of health & wellness technologies &products.   The company´s  aim is the improvement in the quality of lifeof humans. System4 plans to launch 12 one-of-a-kind products in the next 14months that will set new trends. The company is operated by CEO Ily Guslo andDr. Heiko de Vries.