MDRT Innovates to Empower Members for 2021 Membership Season Amid Global Crisis

November 24, 2020 - 02:14
MDRT Innovates to Empower Members for 2021 Membership Season Amid Global Crisis

  • MDRT announces new ProductivityAction Plan to provide members with support to excel despite the economiccrisis
  • The Productivity Action Planincludes the all-new MDRT Focus on Resources hub and adjusted 2021 productivityrequirements

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 24 November 2020 - In the midstof a global pandemic and economic crisis, MDRT has madestrategic moves to ensure financial professionals and their clients are wellsupported. The association announced its Productivity Action Plan, developed tohelp financial professionals qualify for membership in 2021, and equip themwith proven strategies to drivetheir businesses and clients towards next-level success in the current climateand beyond.

A relief package for advisors

The MDRTProductivity Action Plan acknowledges the challenging business conditions financialprofessionals have faced in 2020. To provide its current and aspiring memberswith more opportunities to join, MDRT announced it has no plans to increasedues in 2021, and waived 2021 production requirements for 2019 and 2020 members,allowing those members to reapply for membership without submitting theirproduction requirements. Considering the economic impacts on the industry, MDRThas also adjusted the production requirements for prior-to-2019 members and newmembers.

An e-Hubfor career progression

Though the pandemic has changed the way many financial professionalsdo business, MDRT is focused on providing them with the innovative ideas theyneed to continue succeeding. As part of the Productivity Action Plan, theassociation developed the MDRT Focus on Resources hub.Available to both members and non-members, the site is updated regularly withtimely, top-tier content from industry professionals around the globe, built tohelp advisors navigate current challenges so they can continue to grow theirbusiness, protect their clients and guide both towards a successful future. Fromhow to host productive virtual meetings to managing client emotions, advisorscan find the proven strategies they need to adapt,innovate and persevere. MDRT members have exclusive access to even moretop-tier ideas via MDRT Resource Zone, Round the Table Magazine, MDRTpodcast and more.


"My MDRT membership is a big part of what got me to where Iam today. It's the innovative ideas and supportive global community that havehelped me propel my business to greater levels of success year after year,"said Ian Green Dip PFS, 95th MDRT President. "MDRT Singapore currently has morethan 2,000 members. With this plan, we foresee welcoming more advisors to ournetwork and aim to ensure that advisors can become -- or stay -- members, tocontinue accessing the insightful strategies from leaders of our professionaround the world, and most importantly guide their clients towards greaterfinancial security and success."  


An online mentorship program for aspiring members

MDRTcontinues to push boundaries and innovate in ways that help financial professionals at allstages of their career succeed. Future-focused financial advisors who do not yetqualify for MDRT in 2021 can join the MDRT Academy to receive real-time insights andpersonalized coaching that fast-tracks them to premier status. Newly launched and open forapplications, the MDRT Academy is a new kind of association with gold-standardcontent that is either MDRT-original or MDRT-approved -- available anytime,anywhere.


"As a young financial advisoraspiring to get to the next level, the MDRT Academy app was the perfect tool," saidBrandon Heckert, former MDRT Academy member and current MDRT member. "Itallowed me to keep track of my goals and obtain the resources I needed toconduct my practice in a tech-focused world."


The Productivity Action Plan is just one of the forward-thinking waysthat MDRT has leveraged to support its members and help them thrive in 2020 andbeyond. In August, the association adapted its quintessential MDRT Annual Meeting and recentlyestablished 2019 Global Conference into a singular Virtual Event. Memberscollaborated on fresh ideas for virtual practice management, social mediamarketing -- and more. On-Demand content was released the following weeks,diving deeper into dynamic strategies for ways to avoid burn out and help clientsreadjust their portfolios to thrive amid the currentcrisis.


2021 MDRT membership application is openfrom now through March 1, 2021. To learn more about the MDRT ProductivityAction Plan and becoming an MDRT member, visit


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