Chinachem Group Announces Brand Rejuvenation in Celebration of its 60th Anniversary: Launch of New Corporate Logo and Website

November 24, 2020 - 11:21
Chinachem Group Announces Brand Rejuvenation in Celebration of its 60th Anniversary: Launch of New Corporate Logo and Website

“Triple Bottom Line” Concept and Spirit of Making “Places with Heart” to Underpin the Group’s Business Strategies


HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 24 November2020 - In celebration of its 60th Anniversary, Chinachem Group (the "Group") today announced its rejuvenated branding, including a newcorporate logo. The new branding reflects the Group's repositioning as adeveloper of "Places with Heart" -- one that is committed to making positiveimpacts on people, the community and the environment through its core businessesand its efforts in creating shared value ("CSV").

Chinachem Group Executive Director andCEO Donald Choi, together with members of the Group's senior management revealthe new corporate logo. The intertwined hearts in the logo manifest the Group'sbrand DNA "Places with Heart" and represent the "Triple Bottom Line" which hasbeen adopted as an overarching premise for the Group's operational anddecision-making processes. The forest green symbolises its integrity andtrustworthiness; the warm gold colour depicts the warmth of humanity.
The senior managementteam members include Executive Director and CEO Donald Choi (centre); ExecutiveDirector and COO Hung-Han Wong (fourth left); Executive Director and CFOKam-por Chan (fourth right); Deputy CFO Ricky Tsang (third right); ManagingDirector, Real Estate Dennis Au (third left); Deputy Managing Director (AssetManagement), Real Estate, Edwin Chan (second left); Director of CorporateCommunications Sylvia Chung (second right); Deputy Managing Director, L'hotelManagement Group Limited Keven Chan (first left); and Director of DigitalTransformation Damien Wu (first right). 

Executive Director and CEO Donald Choi(centre), Director of Digital Transformation Damien Wu (right) and Director ofCorporate Communications Sylvia Chung (left), jointly make the Group's newcorporate website go live.

Chinachem Group is celebrating its 60thAnniversary this year. Some 200 staff from various business units of the Grouppose recently for a large group photo to celebrate.


New Logo Conveying "Triple Bottom Line" Concept

Attoday's press conference held atL'hotel Nina et Convention Centre, the Group announced a wide-ranging programmeof upcoming business and CSV initiatives. The Group's new logo and website alsomade their first public appearance. The intertwined hearts in the logo manifestthe Group's brand DNA "Places with Heart" and represent the Group's "TripleBottom Line" which has been adopted as an overarching premise for its operationaland decision-making processes, namely a commitment to bringing positive impactson People, Prosperity and Planet. The forest green symbolises its integrity andtrustworthiness; the warm gold colour depicts the warmth of humanity.


ChinachemGroup Executive Director and CEO Donald Choi explained that the Group had stoodalongside Hong Kong for six decades during which it had become one of thecity's most important developers with a portfolio covering real estate,hospitality and entertainment businesses, all closely related to residents'everyday lives. The Group is independent from public or family ownership. TheGroup, under its "Triple Bottom Line" principles, is now going beyond profit-makingto give back to society -- making the city a better place by improving thequality of life, delivering excellent services and accumulating resources forcharitable and public benefit. By doing so, the Group is committed to creatingvalue shared by different stakeholders.

"Embracingthe brand DNA 'Places with Heart', the Group is embarking on its next 60 years bybringing tradition and innovation together," Mr Choi said. "We exist to bringpositive impacts to people, communities and the environment, as well as to enhancethe quality of life for Hong Kong people and make this a more liveable city. Wewill strive to embed our brand values -- Purpose-driven, People-centric andQuality-led -- into every detail and every process in our core businesses."

To a New Era, aCommunity for All Ages

Elaboratingon the Group's endeavours in green building and age-friendly development, alongwith its efforts in creating shared value in the promotion of arts and culture,education and social inclusion, Mr Choi said its Anderson Road Project to belaunched later this year or early next year would be a project for all ages, reflecting the Group's rejuvenatedbrand values. It was designed to provide elderly people and those inneed with convenient, comfortable, state-of-art and barrier-free residentialunits and related facilities. Additionally, in view of the city's ageingpopulation trend, the Group and CUHK Jockey Club Institute of Ageing werecollaborating on a five-year project to study how to develop a Community forAll Ages. The final output was expected to provide a set of residential housingguidelines towards building an All-age Community for Hong Kong. The Group hopedthat the guidelines would serve as a reference in the field.


Property Development and Investment

At today'spress conference, Managing Director, Real Estate Dennis Au said the Group plannedto roll out the Ho Man Tin Station Package Two property development next year.In the planning stage were the Tonkin Street/Fuk Wing Street project jointlydeveloped by the Group and the Urban Redevelopment Authority as well as the HoChung low-density house project in Sai Kung, which would provide total floorareas of 104,049 sq ft and57,000 sq ft respectively.


In recognitionof the importance of technology and innovation, the Group had set up a DigitalTransformation Division last year to push forward the application of newtechnologies in its business processes, Mr Au added. The Group was looking to useModular Integrated Constructionin the Tonkin Street project, yet another move to demonstrate the Group's commitmentto promoting PropTech.


Movingforward, the Group is stepping up its investment in innovation, hoping toexplore new technological opportunities. The Group has formed Great Bay Area("GBA") Smart City Technology Venture Investment to support innovation projectsin partnership with four GBA-focused venture capital funds. Its targets areinnovators who are developing businesses catering for the Hong Kong market ornew technologies relating to construction. In addition, the Group has teamed upwith ParticleX, a venture capital partner and the Hong Kong Science andTechnology Park (HKSTP) to host the PropTech Global Challenge 2020, a virtualcompetition which creates a platform connecting enterprises in Hong Kong, GBAand the Pacific region with potential start-up partners. Entrants in thecompetition will have a chance to win a grant as well as incubation supportfrom the HKSTP.


Asregards sustainability and the environment, it is noted that the Group had set specificgoals: reducing carbon emissions by 38 percent by 2030, and ensuring that all upcomingmajor projects developed by the Groupwould be able to acquire well-recognised green building certification,including Beam Plus Gold and the WELL Building Standard.


The Group'sinvestment portfolio boasts a total gross floor area of 7.53 million sq. ft of office,retail, residential and industrial space, as well as 6,000 parking lots. Todate, the Group has developed more than 180 property projects, with revenuefrom property sales reaching HKD32 billion in the past five years. Total floorarea from ongoing projects and those in the pipeline amounts to 3.89 million sqft. The Group owns/manages eight hotels and serviced apartments, which together offer over 2,900rooms or flats; it also owns and operates a cinema. In the property management area, the Groupcurrently manages some 200 properties in more than 80 developments through six subsidiary companies,delivering quality-assuredprofessional property management services.


Hotel Business

L'hotelGroup, which receives twomillion guests per year, will shortly relaunch its brand along with a newbusiness strategy. L'hotel Nina et Convention Centre, with more than 1,600rooms, has the largest number of guest rooms of any single venue in the localmarket while its ballroom, after a renovation, will boost its capacity to 100tables or events for 1,600 guests. L'hotel Island South and L'hotel elan arethe only two UNESCO Geopark Hotels in the city.


60th AnniversaryExhibition

A series of public events has been planned forthe Group's anniversary celebrations. One of the highlights is the 60thAnniversary Exhibition, an innovative and interactive event that will showcaseChinachem Group's 60-year journey and the progress it has made alongside thelocal community.


Nina Park, a wood fossil park located atNina Tower, Tsuen Wan, is undergoing revitalisation. It is expected to be reopenedin 2022 as a new landmark in western Tsuen Wan and a museum-grade venue for 'edutainment'.


As a way to contribute to the community andthe environment, The Group has allocated some 10,000 sq ft of floor area inNINA MALL (The Moment) for art exhibitions and space for creative activities.


The elderly, education, poverty alleviation,healthcare and social inclusion are key areas the Group is addressing throughits community care initiatives. In the months to come, it will partner with theSenior Citizen Home Safety Association to organise cross-generational cohesionprogrammes benefiting elderly people. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, theGroup has been proactively responding to those in need by making donations of facemasks and hygiene products to underprivileged families and ethnic minoritygroups; giving computers to students from low-income families who could nototherwise be equipped for online learning from home; and helping socialenterprises and social service organisations subscribe to long-lastingdisinfectant coating services for their shelters and day care centres. Moreover,the Group has offered a batch of units at World Fair Court in Pok Fu Lam to theCommunity Housing Movement, and special shop rental rates to not-for-profitorganisations.


Mr Choi closed the pressconference with a thankful note. "Chinachemhas been standing strong over the years, thanks to our like-minded members ofthe management team and staff who share the common goal and work relentlessly withthe Group. We're prepared to set off towards the new direction and to reach newheights."

Chinachem Group

Since1960, Chinachem Group has been a leading property developer in Hong Kong, witha portfolio covering residential, commercial, retail and industrial buildingsfor sales and investment, in addition to operating hotels and propertymanagement services. The Group actively seeks to make a positive contributionto society through its adherence to the "Triple Bottom Line", a commitment thatits activities will benefit People, bring Prosperity to the community andpreserve the Planet.