To-your-health: Regular health check-ups prevent potential diseases

June 08, 2020 - 09:34
Hanoi French Hospital’s doctors will help to answers common questions about regular health check-ups


The growing economy is rapidly improving the quality of modern life: we are eating healthier and enjoying more sports and outdoor recreation. However, new risks of diseases are emerging and are still threatening our health. In the past, few people contracted dangerous diseases such as cancer, diabetes or heart disease, but these conditions have unfortunately become more common. We can lead more healthy lives but there is still the impact of pollution, stress and so on.

Despite the increase in such modern diseases and the regular reminders by medical specialists, few people are fully aware of the importance of regular health check-ups and only come to the hospital when the diseases have already become severe and more difficult to be treated.

In fact, many chronic diseases could be thoroughly prevented if diagnosed and treated early. Therefore, regular health check-ups are recommended by health experts, and at least once a year to help identify potential diseases and health issues at an early stage.

Hanoi French Hospital’s doctors will help to answer common questions about regular health check-ups.

Do you like to go to the doctor?

Almost no one does, and I am no exception, but it is something that everyone should do on a regular basis. You may be asking why you should, especially if you are not sick and feel perfectly fine. Well the answer is even if you lead a healthy lifestyle and feel your body is in top condition, regular health check-ups are extremely important.

Why are regular health check-ups important?

Most early stage illnesses are asymptomatic and make you feel healthy; only when the disease flares up will it appear outside (fatigue, pain, fever, weight loss).

By modern diagnostic means (tests, scans, etc.) in combination with clinical examination, the disease can be detected at an early stage.

Therefore, regular check-ups are essential to help doctors detect disease in the asymptomatic stage.

For example, you may not know if you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes until you become seriously ill or have had complications (stroke, heart attack).

The situation is similar for tuberculosis, cancer, hepatitis. You may feel very well but you may have it.

Early diagnosis is important because most conditions can improve or even be cured at an early stage before the disease becomes more severe. For example, some cancers like breast cancer, throat cancer, thyroid cancer if detected early can be completely cured.

In the US, the rate of women with cervical cancer detected late will survive after 5 years is only 15 per cent; while if detected early, this rate reaches 93 per cent. Similarly, a study in rural Indian women showed that the 5-year survival rate of people with cervical cancer if detected late (stage IV) is only 9 per cent, while in the early detection (phase I) is 78 per cent.

Prevention is always the best cure and definitely less burdensome and cheaper than treating a disease.

A hospital bed is actually the most expensive bed that no one wants to lie down.

How can they benefit your health?

Visit your doctor or schedule a health check-up regularly, at least once a year. They can help to determine how your overall health is and whether there are any risks you need to take care of. Health check-ups can either detect conditions early or give you the peace of mind that everything is fine. When you have health check-ups regularly, you are taking your health in your own hands.

When you have a health check, in addition to your doctor's visit, some of the tests and scans you should do are: complete blood count, blood sugar test, blood fat, hepatitis screening, mammogram or ultrasound, breast cancer test, electrocardiogram, screening for some common cancers.

Simple tests done regularly can benefit your health immensely and you need to be aware of how important regular testing is.

Why should prevention be your highest priority?

Apart from the benefits of detecting the symptoms of a potential disease in time, prevention also avoids the stress and burden you and your loved ones would have to endure if a disease has already become serious. Besides this, it is equally important to be reassured that everything is fine and that you are actually fit to do certain activities. If you take control of your health it will make you feel more energetic and more productive every day.

But not only is prevention the best cure, it is also far less expensive to do a regular check-up than to undergo costly treatment.

What can you do to stay healthy?

I mentioned the health check-ups. Done regularly, they will give you the peace of mind to lead an overall healthy lifestyle and to either maintain or achieve good health.

One of our greatest assets in life is our health. Your doctor will advise which health check-up is best suited for you and let’s start taking care of your health now.

Having good health is not only your happiness but also your loved ones' as well as society. — Hanoi French Hospital

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