Young musician K-ICM says it with flowers

March 19, 2022 - 08:08
Award winning young singer, song writer and composer K-ICM, has launched a music project in HCM City called  Hoa (Flowers).


Young musician K-ICM, winner of the title Favourite Artist and Best Music Video at MTV Fan Choice 2021, has launched a new music project called Hoa (Flowers) in HCM City. — Photo from the singer’s Facebook page

HCM CITY —  Award winning young singer, song writer and composer K-ICM, has launched a music project in HCM City called Hoa (Flowers).

The project includes a series of music videos (MV) featuring pop idols such as Văn Mai Hương, Trung Quân and Bùi Anh Tuấn.  

K-ICM is working as a composer, producer and art director on the project. 

The project’s first MV, Chân Mây (Clouds) features female rocker Phương Thanh – a music phenomenon in the 1990s in Việt Nam – performing a song that combines pop and Vietnamese folk music. The song is written, composed and mixed by K-ICM. 

The MV, showcasing beautiful scenery in Sơn La Province’s Tà Xùa and Mộc Châu districts, has attracted nearly 800,000 views on YouTube.

“I love to use elements of Vietnamese folk music in my songs. It’s my way to attract fans,” said 22-year-old K-ICM. 

Female rocker Phương Thanh performs Chân Mây (Clouds),the first MV in the project called Hoa (Flowers) launched by K-ICM. — Photo courtesy of the producer 

K-ICM, whose real name is Nguyễn Bảo Khánh, began his career in HCM City in 2017 and achieved quick renown for his indie music. 

He won the Favourite Artist and Best Music Video at MTV Fan Choice titles in 2021.

He has co-performed with young songwriter and singer Jack of HCM City to produce hits like Hồng Nhan (Beauty), Sóng Gió (Upheavals), Bạc Phận (Misfortune) and Việt Nam Tôi (My Việt Nam). 

K-ICM and Jack were honored by the Mnet Asian Music Awards as Best New Asian Artists Vietnam in 2019. The duo broke up early last year, and are building solo careers.

K-ICM’s previous MVs, such Ai Mang Cô Đơn (Who Takes Away My Lonely Days) and Cô Độc (Alone) have been highly ranked on YouTube in Việt Nam, garnering several million views just days after their release. 

He has so far released two albums and 50 MVs.  

He represented Việt Nam at the MTV Europe Music Awards (MTV EMA) 2021, where his MV, Chim Quý Trong Lồng (Caged Bird), competed for the Best Southeast Asia Act title.  K-ICM composed and wrote the lyrics for the contemporary folk song in the video. 

The MV was ranked No 5 on YouTube trending in Việt Nam five days after its release in July, with 3.6 million views. 

It was also nominated for the e Best Music Video title at the Asian Television Awards (ATA) this year. 

The second MV from K-ICM’s project Hoa will feature pop star Văn Mai Hương, runner up at Vietnam Idol 2010. 

The MV will feature electronic music and is expected to be released next month. — VNS