Largest one-of-a-kind beer collection ever celebrates every province of Việt Nam

December 20, 2021 - 08:00
Each beer can in the “Bản Sắc Việt” collection represents a province, each with its own scenery, culture, and traditions. This is a must-have item for this year's Tết (Lunar New Year).


Bia Saigon “Bản Sắc Việt”  Collection - a meaningful gift for this year. — Photo courtesy of the firm

HÀ NỘI — Each beer can in the “Bản Sắc Việt” collection represents a province, each with its own scenery, culture, and traditions. This is a must-have item for this year's Tết (Lunar New Year).

Against all obstacles, 2021 may be seen as a year that demonstrates the power of togetherness and has resulted in remarkable achievements. Việt Nam qualified for the World Cup's third qualifying round for the first time ever. Also for the first time, our representative was crowned Miss Grand International - one of the world's six largest beauty pageants.

Now, Việt Nam has a huge beer selection honouring the culture of all 63 provinces. The “Bản Sắc Việt” collection, has now officially set the record for, "The first collection of 63 beer cans featuring iconic images of 63 provinces in Việt Nam."

With their one-of-a-kind packaging displaying the uniqueness of 63 provinces and cities, the beer cans from the “Bản Sắc Việt” collection will definitely be featured at Vietnamese people's reunions as the annual Tết approaches.

What's inside the nation's most epic beer collection?

Not only is this the first collection to reflect the splendour of 63 provinces and cities, but the “Bản Sắc Việt” collection's manufacturing technique is also rather unique. The creative team at Bia Saigon had to do extensive research to provide the most realistic portrayal of each region.

Furthermore, this collection replicates the art of wood carving - one of the nation's cultural heritage - paying homage to a culture that is really unique. This also increases the authenticity and vividness of the scenery and culture shown on each can. Additionally, the beer collection “Bản Sắc Việt” makes extensive use of the traditional Tết Holiday's colours, including copper yellow, magenta, orange, blue, and green, which are expressive and represent a uniquely Vietnamese vibe.

Launched in the midst of a pandemic, many stages were forced to move from offline to online to assure progress. It could be said that the “Bản Sắc Việt” collection reflects the team's strong passion to make this collection come to life.

“Unique - Spectacular - Meaningful" – A perfect Tết gift for the family

"Unique, spectacular, and meaningful. This year, our family will seek to collect all of Bia Saigon's collection," said A.Q, a Facebook user who commented underneath the post introducing the Provincial Can collection. Not just A.Q., but many others can't contain their excitement and interest at this Bia Saigon collection.

Currently, less than a month after its launch, the collection is getting positive responses from consumers from all over the country. The trend of collecting beer cans from the “Bản Sắc Việt” collection is also gaining traction on Việt Nam's social media platforms; everyone wants to own Bia Saigon cans featuring their hometown's image. Numerous people also expressed their appreciation for the collection that teaches them more about their homeland's specialities and unique beauty.

The “Bản Sắc Việt” collection expresses the wishes for a joyous and prosperous 2022 by featuring the identities of 63 provinces and cities via the art of wood carving. That is also why, in addition to collecting or just enjoying them, many individuals pick this collection as a gift for family members and friends for the New Year as loving messages.

The collection features the uniqueness and beauty of all regions in Việt Nam. — Photo courtesy of the firm

Families gathering to toast the lunar new year is a familiar sight for Vietnamese people. However, with the presence of the “Bản Sắc Việt” collection this year, that moment will definitely be much more meaningful for many families. Unique, spectacular, and meaningful, the “Bản Sắc Việt” collection is undoubtedly the item that everyone wants to bring home this Tết! — VNS

Let’s celebrate this Lunar New Year with the new collection of Bia Saigon. — Photo courtesy of the firm