Kem Beach - A resort paradise free from dust and worry

April 08, 2024 - 14:30
When lounging on the smooth white sands of Kem Beach, basking in the warmth of the sun and the gentle caress of the sea breeze, immersing in the rhythmic melody of lapping waves and rustling palm fronds, every visitor shares a common thought: "Perhaps paradise is indeed like this."

If one day you wish to escape the urban hustle, the honking horns and the invisible pressures of city life, where in Việt Nam would you choose? International visitors who know how to truly enjoy themselves suggest a real 'paradise' in Phú Quốc, named Kem Beach, where every sense is pampered and rejuvenated.

Jill Graham, an Australian visitor, said: "I could spend a week at Kem Beach, just soaking up the sun, breathing the fresh air and indulging in the cuisine here. This beach is truly stunning and impressive compared to many places I have visited, even in Thailand."

Ha-yoon, a South Korean visitor, added: "Kem Beach has a unique beauty unlike many other places in the region, including Đà Nẵng. It could be called a paradise on earth because the crystal-clear sea allows you to see the bottom, the sand is soft and the atmosphere is incredibly pleasant for relaxation and enjoyment all day long."

It's not difficult to understand why international visitors love Kem Beach so much, as it consistently ranks among the top 50 most beautiful beaches in the world. Kem Beach boasts terrain, scenery and climate unlike any other coastal area in Việt Nam, even with the remaining 150 kilometres of Phú Quốc's coastline. With its fine white sand like pearl powder and emerald-blue waters, visitors are treated to the natural picture of the sea with shades of deep blue stretching endlessly.

The blue sea, white sand and golden sun are not just words, they are real at Kem Beach. From the moment visitors set foot on the sandy shore, their minds will only be left with a sense of serenity as the fine sand caresses their toes and the gentle sun embraces them. They can also listen to the whispers of coconut palms and the laughter of people having fun swimming in the sea.

Even the wind and waves at Kem Beach seem different, gentle and soothing, allowing anyone to easily drift into slumber with just a recline. International visitors, therefore, love Kem Beach as a destination for genuine relaxation, to bask on the beach, swim, and be healed by nature.

In addition to pristine nature, Kem Beach offers a variety of activities to keep one entertained all day without boredom. These include various aqua sports from volleyball, kayaking and swimming in the early morning to kiteboarding and banana boat rides in the cool afternoon.

From lunchtime to night time experiences, don't forget to savour the cuisine and drinks at the famous restaurants and bars along Kem Beach. Situated close to the sea, Draft Beer Kem Beach offers premium fresh beers and diverse dishes made from the island's fresh ingredients, while Oyster Dining & Beach Bar offers a variety of local seafood and unique fusion dishes.

Visitors should not forget to enjoy specialties that remind them of Phú Quốc such as grilled sea urchins and squid eggs at Kem Beach.

A beach solely for fun, swimming and dining may not be enough to captivate visitors. Therefore, Kem Beach has also been developed into a resort paradise, with a system of accommodations from world-renowned brands such as JW Marriott, Accor and Rosewood, even enticing billionaires.

New World Phu Quoc Resort appeals to all families and couples with its cosy, private space featuring private pools, while Premier Residences Phu Quoc Emerald Bay offers a choice for those who love young, modern designs within the same price segment.

For those seeking a destination that offers a luxurious resort experience with extravagant designs for sophisticated tastes, JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay takes the crown, as the resort is designed by the 'wizard' Bill Bensley and operated by Marriott International.

Having natural beauty for exploration and top-class resorts alongside around the clock entertainment experiences, Kem Beach is the perfect definition of a 'beach paradise' in Việt Nam.