Sun World Ba Na Hills - A wonderful destination

March 22, 2024 - 15:00
In the opinion of Editor Nafis Abdullah from Astro Arena TV channel, Sun World Ba Na Hills is the most wonderful among his favourite destinations on his journey to explore Vietnam.

Astro Arena is a famous Malaysian television channel broadcasting football and entertainment programs. Via Editor and MC Nafis Abdullah’s six-episode tour to Vietnam broadcast on Astro Arena channel, Malaysian television audiences could explore and experience the most exclusive activities and destinations in Vietnam. Sun World Ba Na Hills was chosen as the final destination for the series.

“I regret not choosing Ba Na for the first days of exploring Vietnam, but it's true that we should save the best for last to experience," said Nafis Abdullah.

He praised Sun World Ba Na Hills as a great place not only for its huge financial investment but also full of energy and great ideas.

The beauty is like something out of a fairy tale at Sun World Ba Na Hills

The tourist area on top of Ba Na Hills made the editor feel constantly overwhelmed.

“Located at a height of 1,487 m from the sea level, Ba Na Mountain, or 'my mountain' in the language of Co Tu people, is referred to as a 'real paradise' thanks to its dramatic landscape," he said.

During his journey, Nafis was impressed by the cable car experience that enables him to take in panoramic views of Da Nang from above, explore the French village with its dreamy architecture and Fantasy Park - the largest indoor amusement park in Vietnam besides the 100-year-old Debay Wine Cellar.

Nafis adored experiencing the Golden Bridge like all other tourists to Da Nang and Sun World Ba Na Hills.

“I feel like stepping through the hands of God,” remarked the Malaysian editor. From his viewpoint, this is the most interesting check-in place for every tourist.

Golden Bridge in the middle of a sea of clouds. Photo: Da Nang Photography Club

Besides being impressed by experiencing surprise after surprise, Nafis enjoyed the cool air on the top of the mountain that tourists from Southeast Asia like him are especially interested in. However, what made Nafis and his crew most excited was the Funicular experience at Sun World Ba Na Hills.

He said: “I was stunned. In the first days in Vietnam, I was often told that there are not many wonderful things in Vietnam. But when being here and experiencing the Funicular, I thought that Genting must learn from Sun World Ba Na Hills. We don't have such things in Malaysia.”

Genting is one of the proud works of Malaysians which can be reached in one hour by car from Kuala Lumpur. Like Ba Na, Genting Highlands is an entertainment and resort complex located on the top of the mountain which must be reached by cable car.

The Funicular at Sun World Ba Na Hills with impressive panoramic views

This is not the first time Sun World Ba Na Hills has received great attention and praise from the Malaysian media. In its issue on February 7, 2023, the Malaysia's premier news provider - the New Straits Times - praised Da Nang as an ideal year-round destination. The author of the article particularly loved Ba Na and enjoyed the feeling of all the four seasons within a day here and the cable car experience to reach the top.

The New Straits Times commented that "Ba Na Hills rose like a phoenix from the ashes in the late 20th century to claim pole position as a key tourist spot in Da Nang".

The number of Malaysian tourists coming to Sun World Ba Na Hills has increased over the years. As reported by the resort, up to 90% of Malaysian tourists coming to Da Nang chose to visit Sun World Ba Na Hills, showing their special love for Ba Na as a must-see destination in Da Nang.

Since its official operation in 2009, Sun World Ba Na Hills has always been positioned as an iconic tourist area not only of Da Nang. Especially with the inauguration of the Golden Bridge five years ago, Sun World Ba Na Hills has made significant contribution to helping Da Nang tourism in particular and Vietnam in general affirm its position with the world.

The Sun World Ba Na Hills Tourist Area has claimed the 'Asia's Leading Theme Park 2023' title at the 30th World Travel Awards (WTA) Asia & Oceania 2023. This is the fourth consecutive year that it has been honoured with this award.