Foreign expert living in Hanoi shared that: “GS1 is my selection because of its high-class green living standards"

November 05, 2021 - 18:00
Among thousands of foreign experts working in Hanoi, many of them are moving to the West with the “living destination” that is GS1 tower, The Miami subdivision in the Vinhomes Smart City mega-urban area. The perfect standards for a true green living have appealed them.

Among thousands of foreign experts working in Hanoi, many of them are moving to the West with the “living destination” that is GS1 tower, The Miami subdivision in the Vinhomes Smart City mega-urban area. The perfect standards for a true green living have appealed them.

“Falling in love with” GS1 because of green space

Over the past 30 years, Vietnam has additional 10 new urban areas each year on average - demonstrating that urbanization process has been taken place drastically in Vietnam. However, the density of green trees in big cities does not exceed 2m2/person, that is only 1/10 in comparison with that in the world and equals to 2/7 of the standards issued by the Ministry of Construction in 2008. On this context, many investor has put a stress on designing green space in the heart of the project aiming to contribute to creating giant “green oases” for the city, such as Vinhomes Smart City in Hanoi.

"Green lung”- Vinhomes Smart City is catching a great attraction, pulling foreign workers to move to the West of Hanoi.

Mr. Hoang Duy, an employee working at an accommodation rental service agency for foreigners said that: “Projects that have open spaces, lots of trees, escape from the stuffiness and crowding of the city is always being sold like hot cakes. Now, we have to enhance our connection with secondary investors due to great the demand. In Hanoi, the projects in the top selection are located in the western area, the “hot spot” is Vinhomes Smart City.”

Justin Mott, an American who has lived in Vietnam for 5 years, also made a determination to join the resident community of this metropolis when he selected to purchase his apartment in GS1 building, The Miami subdivision after being consulted. He shared that: “I have always been appealed by the tropical country, from the cool forest to the blue beach. All of them has been portrayed here, giving me a sense of familiarity as being back home in Florida. Life here in the coming time is going to be very interesting.

Located in the middle of a tropical zone filled with green space, residents of GS1 building, The Miami subdivision in Vinhomes Smart City can take a fresh breathe with pure air every day.

Mott “falls in love” with Vinhomes Smart City because of the space created by three consecutive parks that are 16.3 hectares in width to guarantee a healthy life. Especially, GS1 building really looks like an “oasis” with an attractive difference. Mott gave more explanation “The image of Miami - one of the top tourism cities in the US is really reminiscent in my mind when I see the cool blue water flow flickering next to coconut trees or date palms tree lines. That's what I've been looking for and waiting for a long time”. The aspect that made him have a quick decision was the Tropical Palm swimming pool of 1,000m2 that promises to bring a resort feeling during 365 days per year.

The green space that is good for health is like a magnet attracting more and more foreigners to The Miami, especially the GS1 building. “Just like the city on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, this will be a multicultural and multinational community,” shared by Justin Mott.

Satisfaction with Vietnamese service meeting international standard

The different missing pieces making up a green life at GS1 building, The Miami subdivision is a utility complex with resort style. The most excited group is probably sports lovers. Because apart from freely walking under the green trees’ canopy in three consecutive parks, everyone can find their own private space with consecutive sports fields. Especially in The Miami subdivision, the investor made a design of 9 training fields with various types, from high-class gymnasium to tennis, badminton, volleyball or basketball, etc. promising dynamic days with full of energy. 

Like the swimming pool on the Sapphire 1 subdivision, the utility system with resort style in Vinhomes Smart City helps residents of GS1 building, The Miami subdivision enjoy an American-style vacation at home during 365 days.

Residents of The Miami subdivision also have the privilege of enjoying the scenery of Marine Garden with musical fountain and unique lighting combination; Ivy Nest pavilions offer a truly relaxing time for residents. In particular, children have the opportunity to explore the Kid playground with Galaxy astronaut topic or Kids' Corner helping children exercise and open up their imagination. The BBQ garden is a meeting place for families to gather together and fill up positive energy after tired working hours.

 The sports fields are arranged with a dense density to help residents of GS1 building, The Miami subdivision be able to exercise anytime, anywhere.

Being similar with other subdivisions, GS1 Building, The Miami subdivision also applies the most advanced management and operation technology, catching up with the 4.0 revolution in the world. Accordingly, there are other world-class services in the ecosystem of Vingroup - the largest private economic group in Vietnam, with Vincom Mega Mall, Vinmec International Hospital, system of Vinschool preschool and primary-secondary-high school. The connection of these brands perfects the “urban in the city” model, which is 5 star-rated by the international community living in other urban areas of Vinhomes.

When the trend of having a green, healthy life, and relaxing at home becomes prominent, coordinates such as GS1 building, The Miami subdivision of Vinhomes Smart City will continue to create a “gravity” with international community in Vietnam. This is also expected to assist the real estate market of the capital in boosting more resilience to make a breakthrough in the near future.