"Western City" in the heart of the capital – regarded as the coordinates of the international community

October, 20/2021 - 11:50
Vinhomes Smart City, where there is an intersection of communities from 20 countries, creates opportunities for young people to exchange, discover and acquire the preeminent features of diverse cultures from around the world.

Vinhomes Smart City, where there is an intersection of communities from 20 countries, creates opportunities for young people to exchange, discover and acquire the preeminent features of diverse cultures from around the world.

Dream of "global citizenship"

 “Young people believe that international experience is the path leading to a better quality of life in the future” is the outcome of the “Research Report on Vietnamese Young Generation” performed by the British Council. Globalisation and deep international integration aiming to adapt to a world full of competition has shaped young people in modern times.

Modern young people want to be exposed to many cultures, equipping themselves with foreign languages, international working skills and acquiring the preeminent features of developed countries.

Having a high appreciation for the advantages brought from studying overseas, such as access to advanced education system and colourful civilisations, many young people said that they do not prefer to reside completely in foreign countries. My Anh (20 years old and living in Ha Noi) finds this statement completely correct. My Anh said: “I love the atmosphere of gathering with my grandparents, parents and friends, that is the thing that maybe only happens once a year if I study overseas. However, it is not necessary to study abroad letting me be able to access culture and become a global citizen. Opportunities to learn and develop myself can be found right here in Viet Nam.”

This perspective of My Anh received the approval of her whole family, especially her parents feel more assured when the living environment of family is now very "international", guaranteeing that My Anh can practice English and connect with friends without facing geographical difficulty.

That "international environment" is the Vinhomes Smart City urban area with a resident community from 20 countries. A life with rich international experiences in this smart city is considered to be appropriate for young people, who are dynamic, open-minded, or modern families who direct their children towards a life of integration and comprehensive development.

Vinhomes Smart City has a synchronous plan with high standards which is not less than modern cities around the world.

In contrast, foreign citizens living in Viet Nam always have an expectation of a community with conveniences and proportionally high-end standards where there are also many people from other countries like themselves. “There are not many urban areas specially designed for the international community, meeting such strict standards of foreigners in Viet Nam,” said Hirota Fushihara, a manager of a Japanese technology company in My Dinh. Until being introduced and looking for more information of the new urban area of Vinhomes Smart City, the man who has been living in Viet Nam for five years can really find a place to reside.

Life with rich international experiences right in Vinhomes Smart City.

Opening to the world

The community of 20,000 residents, coming from 20 countries, have been persuaded by the international criteria at Vinhomes Smart City. The "multicultural" environment, where there is an elite convergence of the world right in the capital, makes each day a rich experience. Examples range from the Japanese garden, Koi fish pond featuring Japanese culture, the American-style resort areas with an outdoor tropical swimming pool covered by American palm trees; to the vibrant downtown areas of the Western Street.

Hirota was very excited and said: “I didn't expect that I could find the familiar things of my hometown right outside the door, when every day I could walk around the Japanese garden, Koi fish pond, the Zen Park, etc., making me feel peaceful and relaxed full of typical nature of Japanese life”. Red carp ponds, Torri gate, walkways paved by stones, and bonsai trees trimmed carefully, are so sophisticated that a demanding Japanese person like Hirota is totally persuaded.

Residents from 20 countries pick Vinhomes Smart City as a place for them to reside.

However, it is not only the scenery but also the lively atmosphere in the "Western city" with festivals and cultural events from many countries, making international experiences more genuine and vibrant than ever. Pham An (26 years old) frequently joins cultural and language exchange activities in the urban area. An said: “There is an online group for residents living here to talk to each other. There are many young people and foreigners that leads to a great demand in making friends and exchanging cultures. Talking in English with neighbours from the UK, or USA, and learning about their culture makes my English language more natural, especially, my learning can be absorbed much better than studying in traditional English classes."

Japanese culture is demonstrated in the living space at Vinhomes Smart City.

Thanks to technology such as smart parking areas with automatic license plate recognition, or information on notice boards on weather status and quality of air in the urban area, these living experiences also become more enjoyable and minimalistic. Just stepping down into the lobby of the building, it is a world of convenience welcoming residents at the doorstep. It is the quintessential education system of Vinschool, international standard medical care of Vinmec international hospital, or shopping, and entertainment at Vincom Mega Mall.

Vinhomes Smart City gradually makes a western city in the west of the city.

More than a living space, Vinhomes Smart City is a destination converging quintessential values. It embraces features of an "international city, global citizens", nurturing the young generation for development, broadening views, being open-minded in thinking and integrating with the world.