Sun Group launch colourful riverside resort city - Sun Riverside Village

October, 13/2021 - 18:10
Sun Property, a real estate developer (member of Sun Group) has officially launched the Sun Riverside Village, a colourful riverside eco-urban resort area. This is an important addition to their portfolio that completes their high-end tourism ecosystem with billion-dollar value in Sam Son (Thanh Hoa).

Sun Property, a real estate developer (member of Sun Group) has officially launched the Sun Riverside Village, a colourful riverside eco-urban resort area. This is an important addition to their portfolio that completes their high-end tourism ecosystem with billion-dollar value in Sam Son (Thanh Hoa).

Sun Riverside Village is located at the intersection of three rivers; "the surface of the Do River, a branch of the Ma River, flowing into the Sam Son beach". The project brings a green ecological living space, as well as a prosperous vitality flow, to the entire urban area.

Sun Riverside Village is located in a favourable location that is conveniently close to Sam Son beach and Thanh Hoa City.

The Do River is a river attached to the history of the Thanh Hoa people. Only when there was the appearance of the "opener's hand" of Sun Group, this river was officially renovated received a new uplift.

Pioneering to bring the riverside urban development model from the "upper-class sanctuary " in the world to Sam Son - Thanh Hoa, Sun Group has planned to renovate the Do river with the development of both riversides of the Sun Riverside Village. Wuth up to 29 hectares, the development brings a fresh and prosperous vitality to the entire area. This not only brings benefits to investors but also brings a newly proud look to the west coast of Sam Son beach.

Besides, Sun Riverside Village is also directly adjacent to South Avenue of Ma River and very close to Sam Son Beach, which just takes 20 minutes to move to the centre of Thanh Hoa City. It is convenient for owners of Sun Riverside Village to live and relax in Sam Son and work in Thanh Hoa city, and at the same time easily connect to the central city areas and Sam Son beach for relaxing and entertainment. In the coming time, when the North-South expressway passing through Thanh Hoa is completed, the travel time from Hanoi to Sun Riverside Village will be shortened to be just under 2 hours.

The green space by the Do River at Sun Riverside Village.

Sun Riverside Village, as 'the colourful riverside resort city' is composed of 791 villas and shophouses divided into 3 subdivisions: The River, Festival Avenue and The Harbor. THey take their inspiration from Miami, the 'tropical paradise', the most vibrant coastal city in the United States. The Harbor subdivision and shophouse on the face of the South Avenue of Ma River will be introduced to the market first.

At Sun Riverside Village, the inspiration and life of Miami are reflected in every architectural line, from the design of the villa to the concept of utility development and landscape. All of these things create a picture of 'Miami in the heart of Sam Son beach town' that is extremely vibrant and complete.

In particular, regarding the architectural style, the investor picks up two major styles when designing villas at Sun Riverside Village that are: Spanish neo-colonial and art deco.

Inspiration from Miami is reflected in each architectural line of the project.

The Spanish neo-colonial architecture honours the classic, luxurious and sophisticated beauty that is still in complete harmony with poetic nature, which is reflected in the dome with a nostalgic feature, large and wide windows directing towards the garden or the river. Meanwhile, art deco style is a harmonious combination of pastel colours, combining design lines and classic geometric patterns, cleverly placed in the crowded shopping streets by the investor to enhance experiences for visitors.

Not only stopping at the architecture, but the Miami style is also clearly reflected in the utility system and landscape, from the artificial beach area that is convergent of vibrant entertainment activities to colourful shopping streets or large spaces between subdivisions - where festivals, cultural and art events are taken place.

A system of parks will bring an impressive experience to residents and visitors alike.

Sun Riverside Village possesses 4 internal parks including Miami Beach Park, Art Deco Park, Broadway Park and Wynwood Park with a total area of ​​up to 45,000m2, offering residents and visitors impressive experiences of being immersed in the real Miami atmosphere. Being relaxed while walking on the riverside, being eye-catching with the vibrant musical fountain stage or getting lost in floating gardens, art gardens, healthy fitness and yoga yard, etc, are trendy experiences that meet the needs of modern residents.

In addition, as an important part of the Sun Group ecosystem in Sam Son, Sun Riverside Village will bring excitement and unlimited entertainment to residents. The symmetrical location of two Sun World parks, 33.6 hectares in width, directly connects the sea square and Sun Grand Boulevard urban complex. The central point of high-end shopping of the entire area is the 24-floor commercial centre with a scale of 7 hectares, which is also within a few hundred steps from the urban area.

Sun Riverside Village will open in Thanh Hoa city. 

Being managed and operated by Sun Property Management (under Sun Group), Sun Riverside Village will bring the first-class stable residential life to residents with 5-star operating management standards: from a guaranteed security system, high-end butler service, home medical care, transportation for relatives, etc. and other personal services according to request.

“Developing a luxurious oasis in the middle of the vibrant Sam Son beach town, we want to bring a peaceful but comfortable and modern resort space to the elite, so that Sam Son remains not only a desirable tourism capital but also a place that is worth living, relaxing, working and enjoying. In the coming time, we will also develop the next projects in the population of up to 1,260 hectares, gradually making Sam Son - Thanh Hoa become a 4-season destination of Vietnam and the world, putting Sam Son in the right position in proportion with its inherent potential”, affirmed by Ms Ha Thi Thanh Huyen, Deputy General Director of Sun Property.

Even though deciding to settle down in a long term home, or invest in a second home, is a big decision, the attraction of Sun Riverside Village will continue to increase drastically with the addition of the billion-dollar Sun Group in Sam Son. This will be a colourful resort city, which remains not only close and harmonious with nature, but also luxurious and vibrant, contributing to the dramatic change of the coastal city, change in minds of tourists, investors when coming to Sam Son and also change in the minds of residents who live there already.