Sun Marina Town: When world architecture immerses in the beauty of Heritage Bay

October 29, 2021 - 10:44
“The beauty of Heritage Bay and its location next to the beach are the catalysts creating inspiration for Aedas to develop the architectural ideas for the Sun Marina Town tower,” said Mrs. Angelina Gayamat, Deputy Director of Aedas Architectural Consulting Company.

“The beauty of Heritage Bay and its location next to the beach are the catalysts creating inspiration for Aedas to develop the architectural ideas for the Sun Marina Town tower,” said Mrs. Angelina Gayamat, Deputy Director of Aedas Architectural Consulting Company.

Continuously on the list of Top 10 of the World's Best Architecture Firms for 16 consecutive years, developing symbolic works across the world such as Marina Bay Sands in Singapore – a super-luxury hotel and entertainment complex – Aedas has very interesting ideas about the development process at Sun Marina Town.

Angelina Gayamat – Deputy Director of Aedas Architectural Consulting Company

Ha Long’s new symbol of prosperity

How did Aedas develop the architectural idea for the Sun Marina Town tower?

Whenever we design a new project, we conduct thorough research on the culture and characteristics of the land in the project.

The location of the project is next to Bai Chay beach and the spectacular beauty of Ha Long Bay, that is not only a great inspiration to draw a design, but also creates pressure to encourage us to design a symbolic project, corresponding to the natural heritage of the world.

Each land has its featured history and culture and we found this very interesting. Dragon has a special meaning in Vietnamese culture. “Ha Long” means “Dragon landing”. The Ha Long legend tells about a herd of dragons helping the Vietnamese people fight against invasion, bringing about a peaceful and prosperous life. The dragon's emerald teeth were released into the sea, helping the formation of Ha Long Bay, which is honoured as one of the new seven natural wonders of the world.

Sun Marina Twin Towers with The Platinum apartment series at 33rd-41st floor

As a consequence, Sun Marina Town is designed in line with the idea of ​​"Two dragons fighting for pearls", symbolising two Dragons reaching out to meet the Sun. This means a peaceful and prosperous life for residents.

So how will Aedas make the aforementioned design a reality?

Sun Marina Town is a twin tower using special block arrangement art, applying connections by the corridor, swimming pool and Marina Club house.

The unique architectural language with the “Dragon Gate” is a perfect solution to guarantee the circulation of air flow for the two 50-floor towers. This is an effective tool for when there is high wind. On the other side, with respect to feng shui, special holes in the design play a role as a gateway for “spiritual dragons” in harmony with the sea in front of the tower.

The two towers are perfectly symmetrical with their terraced and stacked architecture, helping the blocks stand as independent houses, therefore, it can increase the privacy of each apartment. We also have an intention of designing the apartments with a balcony facing the sea, so as to admire the stunning view of Ha Long Bay.

There is no other place in Bai Chay having a double vision: covering the view of magnificent natural beauty of the the heritage bay, while also enjoying the splendid picture of super high-class yachts every day.

The architectural language of Sun Marina Town is a symbolic life that is liberal, modern and luxury and also can preserve Ha Long’s culture and history. I believe that, in the near future, thanks to the inclusion of both uniqueness and symbolism, Sun Marina Town will become a new symbol of Ha Long city for prosperity.

The Platinum – when a “unique” trend comes to the throne

What are the interior solutions that Aedas proposes for Sun Marina apartments aiming to bring the most perfect experience, in order to be well-matched to the magnificent beauty of the outside landscape?

We are proud to continue to be chosen as the organisation developing interior design concepts for luxury apartments in Sun Marina Town, especially The Platinum apartment series.

The luxurious interior style of The Platinum

Architectural stories are a good starting point for interior concepts. Features in connection with the Dragon are described by geometry, textures combined with bright blues, oranges, purples and yellows; as well as indigenous-featured materials and the most important thing is the symbol of the mysterious legend of Ha Long in terms of Peace and Prosperity, acting as the keywords that led us to draft interior concepts.

Aedas has found an interesting intersection between the luxurious interior style (Luxury Interiors) and the typical features of Ha Long. It is a combination of the factor of “unique view” covering the entire 1,969 islands and “unique interior”, honouring the personality and identity of the owner.

The Platinum apartment series from the 33rd-41st floor of Sun Marina Town have especially caught attention by possessing floors with perfect and “unique” views. Therefore, what difficulties does Aedas encounter when developing interior design concepts for this super luxury apartment series?

Currently, there are many changes in the interior trends among the elites. 'Less is More' is leading the way in interior design towards the enjoyment of the good things in life.

The interior is designed in a more streamlined, but still trendy and luxurious style, creating a new definition of luxury - Luxury Interiors style - that we express at The Platinum. It is meticulous in every design detail as well as interior selection. The use of wall cladding materials such as wood/stone/fabric not only remain a luxury but also are proper for many spaces: living room, kitchen, rest room, etc. All of the details aim to bring the most relaxing, wonderful experience.

The Platinum’s Balcony

For the sake of satisfying customer needs in the unique experience, we have designed three different luxurious interior styles for The Platinum apartment, including: cozy luxury, modern luxury and rustic luxury. Each interior style is a statement of the owner's personality.

Sun Marina Town is the perfect combination of symbolic architecture, beautiful interiors and of course, Ha Long's stunning natural beauty. As a result, Sun Marina Town will be a unique and new symbol of Ha Long in the near future.

Recently, the real estate developer, Sun Property (a member of Sun Group) has officially introduced The Platinum luxury apartment series located on the 33rd-41st floor of the Sun Marina Town project. With an altitude of more than 100m above sea level, The Platinum possesses the most beautiful and private views, especially 1,969 large and small islands and the prosperous Yacht Bay are all in front of the eyes of viewers. In addition to a private elevator designed from the basement to the apartment floor, The Platinum's owner also has the priority of personalising the apartment according to his/her own personality when receiving a handover of full furniture, that is flexible in three luxurious styles.

In November, The Platinum applies an ownership policy with only the initial capital from 10% of the apartment value (*) and receipt of a preferential loan package up to 70% of the apartment value, with a grace period of 36 months (*).

(*) Conditionally applied