Garlic bread

May 16, 2021 - 09:12

with Chef Lê Đức Hải of Ngon Garden Restaurant in Hà Nội


with Chef Lê Đức Hải of Ngon Garden Restaurant in Hà Nội

Garlic bread (portion for two servings )


-    Bread (baguette):            200gr

-    Unsalted butter:                 50gr

-    Garlic:                                  30gr

-    Coriander:                           20gr

-    Salt:                                       1/4tsp

-    Pepper:                                 1/4tsp

-    Cheese powder:                100gr

-    Thyme:                                  10gr

Garlic bread


You can buy cheese powder known as parmesan and thyme in a supermarket.

Thyme will make your garlic bread more enjoyable.

The first step is to mince the garlic and cut the coriander into pieces. Mix these ingredients with unsalted butter, cheese powder, thyme, salt and pepper and stir them well.

The second step is to cut the bread into several pieces and spread the above-mentioned mix on them before placing them on a tray then top it with cheese powder, thyme and coriander before roasting it for 15 minutes at 160 degree Celsius.

The garlic bread has a beautiful golden brown colour with fragrance from cheese, thyme and coriander in addition to the grease of the butter.

The roasted dish is completely crispy. It can be eaten with salad at dinner.

You can sample the dish at Ngon Garden Restaurant at 70 Nguyễn Du, one of the most beautiful streets in Hà Nội.  VNS