3-in-1 Deep Fried Tofu

February 26, 2023 - 08:00
With hawker chef Ngô Thành Bửu
Hawker chef Ngô Thành Bửu

Ngô Thành Bửu runs an online shop that specialises in tofu street food đậu hũ rau răm Thành Hý (Thành Hý shop's fried tofu with laksa leaves). His business offers a wide variety of addictive, tasty fried tofu snacks and toppings that are popular with young foodies.

His shop began gaining popularity a few years ago when the new hot street snack fried tofu sandwich (which originated in the Mekong Delta) became a viral sensation among street food lovers in HCM City.

Bửu reveals how to make this simple yet tasty snack.

3-in-1 Deep Fried Tofu


For the tofu

- 2 bars of tofu (200g)

- 10 quail eggs

- 1 patty of vegan pork (sườn chay)

- 1 stick of dried tofu skin

- Oil to deep-fry

For the garnish

- 10g laksa leaves

- 10g fried shallots

- 50g chicken floss

- 50g beef floss

For the chilli oil

- 50g ground fresh chilli

- 15g sugar

- 5 tbsp oil


- Wash and dry the laksa leaves.

- Boil quail eggs for 10 minutes, then de-shell and cut them in half.

- Cut the tofu bar into small cubes.

- Soak the vegan pork patty in water until fully soft, squeeze out excess water and cut into smaller bits.

- Cut the tofu skin into shorter pieces.

- Heat a generous amount of oil in a pan and deep-fry the tofu, vegan pork, and tofu skin until golden and crispy.

- Let them rest on a strainer or oil-absorbing paper to remove excess oil.

Chilli oil:

- Thoroughly combine the chilli and sugar.

- Heat 5 tbsp of oil in a pan, then put in the chilli mixture and cook for around 5 minutes.


- Plate the fried tofu, vegan pork and tofu skin.

- Finely chop the laksa leaves and scatter them on top.

- Add quail eggs and the two types of floss.

- Pour the chilli oil on top and garnish with some fried shallots.

- The dish can be eaten with some kinds of condiments. — VNS