Beef with black pepper sauce

December 11, 2022 - 07:34
with Chef Lê Đức Hải of Ngon Garden Restaurant in Hà Nội
Chef Lê Đức Hải

Ingredients: for three persons

- Beef tenderloin: 300g

- Wheat flour: 2 tablespoons

- Big onion: 1

- Green bell pepper: 1

- Red bell pepper: 1

- Ginger: 10g

- Garlic: 20g

- Black pepper: 70g

- Cooking oil: 4 tsp

- Soy sauce: 2 tsp

- Oyster sauce: 2 tsp

- Olive oil: 1 tsp

- Other spices: salt, pepper powder, sugar

Beef with black pepper sauce

How to cook:

- Beef should be cleaned with light salt water before cleaning it again. Use tissues to absorb any water left on the beef. Cut the beef across its grain into thin slices, so it is not too tough. Use a meat hammer to flap on each beef slice to help it soften.

Marinate the beef with a mix of the above ingredients and spices for 10-15 minutes.

- The bell peppers must be cleaned carefully before cutting them into two, and taking out all of their seeds and then cutting them into medium threads. Peel the onion, and cut it into pieces lengthwise. The ginger should be cut into threads, and the garlic minced.

- Put a pan over high heat and pour 2 tsp cooking oil in the pan, then add the cut bell peppers and onion to fry for 4-5 minutes before setting them aside on a big plate.

How to make the sauce: Pour 2 tsp soy sauce, 2 tsp oyster sauce, 2 tsp sugar, and 50g black pepper into a bowl and stir thoroughly.

- Fry the beef over a high heat for 3 minutes before putting it on a plate.

- Fry ginger and garlic for a while, then pour the sauce into the pan until it is simmering, then add the fried beef and stir before putting in black pepper and stirring it well. This fried mix is then added to the fried bell peppers and onions. Done!

The nutritious dish is popular and easy to cook. The beef is soft, fragrant and sweet, mixed with fresh ingredients and an aromatic hot and peppery sauce.

You can sample the dish at Ngon Garden Restaurant at 70 Nguyễn Du Street, downtown Hà Nội. VNS