Tofu with mixed mushrooms

April 10, 2022 - 08:02

With Chef Li Suen Wai, executive Chinese chef of Windsor Plaza Hotel in HCM City


Tofu with mixed mushrooms (vegetarian option available)

Chef Li Suen Wai is the executive Chinese chef of Windsor Plaza Hotel in HCM City.

This week, Hong Kong chef Li Suen Wai presents tofu with mixed mushrooms, a standout dish at the Ngân Đình Cantonese Restaurant.

Chef Li said that the dish could be an ideal option for vegetarians, and its preparation is simple.

Ingredients for one square stainless steel mould 40cm x 15cm high can be reduced according to need. The dish needs to steam each piece of tofu with a thickness of about 15cm for best taste and consistency. This mould can be cut into 90 pieces of tofu, equivalent to nine plates.


Chef Li Suen Wai


- Soy milk cooked without sugar: 5 litres

- Chicken eggs: 50

- Brown reishi mushroom: 300g

- Fresh white reishi mushroom: 300g

- Fresh abalone mushrooms: 300g

- Chicken stock (if vegetarian, use vegetable stock instead)

- Cooking oil: 1litre

- Cassava flour: 50g

- Spices: salt, sugar


Beat the soy milk and eggs evenly, and season with spices; use a cloth or a fine-mesh sieve to filter twice until the milk is thoroughly mixed with the egg whites and spices. This step also makes the tofu smoother and more delicious after steaming.

Pour milk into a square stainless-steel mould, and cover with plastic food wrap. Steam for about 45 minutes. Check during the steaming to release the steam one or twice. Once cooked, remove the tofu and let it cool. (The steaming time is reduced depending on the amount made).

Cut the tofu into pieces about 1cm thick, heat oil at 150 degrees Celsius, and fry until golden brown on both sides.

Wash all mushrooms and cut them into 2cm pieces. Boil the mushrooms until non-toxic. In a pan with hot oil, fry the mushrooms until they are lightly golden and fragrant, and set aside.

Use a pan and pour in a little chicken bone stock, and season with spices. Add a little Cassava flour mixed with water to create a paste for the sauce (for vegetarians, use vegetable broth), and bring to a boil.

Arrange the fried tofu pieces on the bottom, cover with mixed mushrooms and pour the sauce on top.

You can enjoy the delicious delicacy at Ngân Đình Restaurant, Windsor Plaza Hotel at 18 An Dương Vương Street in District 5. For reservations, call (028) 3830 8888. VNS