Move to Hà Nội FC a dream come true for Magno

November 18, 2020 - 18:07
The 26-year-old Brazilian forward had two impressive seasons at Sài Gòn FC and drew the eye of the country's top team.


Hà Nội FC has signed their two-year contract with striker Geovane Magno. — Photo


Xuân Lâm

After a blistering V.League 1 season, Geovane Magno is looking to add titles and continental experience to his resume at his new club, Hà Nội FC.

The 26-year-old Brazilian forward had two impressive seasons at Sài Gòn FC and drew the eye of the country's top team.

“I'm happy to be here and to be part of Hà Nội team. It is my desire from the day I come to Việt Nam. Not only me but certainly the other players in the V.League 1 have dreams of wearing the jersey of Hà Nội. Hà Nội are the No 1 team. I am very happy with this memorable milestone in my life," said Magno after signing a two-year contract.

Magno had an impressive season for Sài Gòn, scoring eight goals in 20 games and helping his side finish third. He was widely considered the best foreign player in the 2020 season.

“My goal in coming to Hà Nội is to conquer titles. I've been told about the team's aspirations. All members of the team don’t want Hà Nội's achievements to stop at domestic tournaments. They want to reach bigger events. With the current potential and positive spirit, step by step, we will achieve great things towards the most important goals,” said Magno.

Magno faced Hà Nội twice this season and made an impression, scoring a stunning long-range goal in a surprise 1-0 win for his side at Hàng Đẫy Stadium.

In the other match in the second leg, Magno also got on the scoresheet, though Ha Noi triumphed 4-2.

“Hà Nội have always been a very strong team. Every time I have to play against them, it's a very difficult game for me. Before any opponent, Hà Nội were appreciated. However, things are different now. When I am officially to be a player of Hà Nội, that thought is disappeared and now it is the time for me to think about the championship with the new team,” the Brazilian player said.

Magno is Hà Nội's first signing before the 2021 season and the club have reportedly splashed out big time to secure his signature, with Magno said to be earning US$20,000 per month, double his salary for Sai Gon.

To sign Magno, Hà Nội let go to Pape Omar Faye and Ibou Kebe, two foreign players who were previously big parts of the capital side's success before their stars faded.

Coach Nguyễn Thành Công of Quảng Nam FC, who previously coached Sai Gon, said his former charge Magno would be very suitable for the runners-up of the V.League 1 and that the signing showed the side's ambition.

“Magno is a technical, intelligent player. His strength lies in his personal ability. I think Magno is a suitable player for the capital team,” said Công.

“Hà Nội are a team playing to control the ball, based on players who are capable, intelligent, skilful and can play in a narrow range well. Playing like that, I think Magno is the right choice. He always completes the duties and requirements of the coaching staff. In addition, he can move widely and can support his teammates well.

“I think that if Hà Nội only set their target in the national top-flight league, it is a failure. Over the years, this team have always had expectations beyond the league’s framework. With Magno, they show their ambition to compete well in the international events next season. In addition, based on quality foreign players, domestic players will also play better,” said Công.

Geovane Magno (right) seen a recent match of V.League 1 2020. — Photo

Sài Gòn’s key striker

In the past, the V.League 1 was dominated by skilled strikers like Kiatisuk Senamuang or Huỳnh Kesley Alves, but teams now want players with skill and impressive physical abilities to serve the long ball game or counterattack.

In the league this year, the best foreign strikers such as Romario Gordon of Hà Nội, Chevaughn Walsh of Hoàng Anh Gia Lai, Bruno Henrique of Hồng Lĩnh Hà Tĩnh and Pedro Paulo of Sài Gòn all had strength and size advantages over Vietnamese defensive players.

While Magno is tall and can mix it up physically, his technique is his strong suit.

Magno once said that he liked the play of Hà Nội FC captain Nguyễn Văn Quyết and the pair have similarities in their style of play. They are both good in narrow spaces, possess excellent technique and have the skill to unlock a defence.

Geovane Magno often overcomes defenders with his impressive technique. — Photo

Magno was an important player for Sai Gon this past season, but he was almost let go at the beginning of the campaign due to injuries.

"They (the coaching staff) said Magno was injured so they didn't want to keep him. I thought that the injury was due to training. Later, when I became the coach of the team, Magno co-ordinated with Paulo to make the Brazilian duo effective in the team’s way of playing. Magno also has no injuries anymore," said Vũ Tiến Thành, chairman and coach of Sài Gòn FC.

The V.League 1 is a physical league and this can be a big obstacle for strikers like Magno, but the Brazilian has overcome injuries and risen to the very top of local football. VNS