Sadio really is the main Man-e

October 17, 2019 - 07:56

As a catfight ensues among the WAGS, one Premier League footballer is proving not only to be the main MAN-e... but also a real shining example others should follow.


SADIO-O-O-O: Liverpool striker Sadio Mane says he doesn’t want 10 Ferraris or two planes. — AFP Photo

There was a quote I read online not that long ago that went something like this:

“Don’t believe everything you read on the internet just because there is a picture with a quote next to it.” – Abraham Lincoln.

Now, I’m in no position to doubt the validity of these wise words from the 16th President of the United States, but there is something a little fishy about whether Abe did actually say it. I’m guessing probably not.

So, bearing all that in mind, it is with a little trepidation that I’d like to repeat something I read this week online, that yes, was a quote, and yes, came with a picture next to it.

In this instance, the quote was attributed to Liverpool FC’s Senegalese striker, Sadio Mane.

Ghanaian news outlet claim he said the following: “Why would I want 10 Ferraris, 20 diamond watches or two planes? What will these objects do for me and for the world?

“I was hungry, and I had to work in the field; I survived hard times, played football barefooted, I did not have an education and many other things, but today with what I win thanks to football, I can help my people.”

Maybe he did say it, maybe he didn’t. But if you delve a little into the private life of the in-form striker, you will see how much of a down-to-earth, humble person he is.

In the past, he has donated old Liverpool shirts for children to wear in places like Malawi and has funded several projects including schools and houses in the village he used to live in as a child.

There have also been stories about him helping to clean the toilet at his local Mosque in Liverpool and those who have met him say he is quiet, polite and respectful – most of the good work he does takes place without being recognised or publicised.

After the Africa Cup of Nations he wasn’t photographed relaxing on board a luxury yacht surrounded by a bevy of beauties and Hollywood A-listers, nor was he snapped at after-show rap parties in Miami, but instead spotted touring schools in Africa he had supported financially.

I’d also like to talk a little about Mane’s WAG – that means wife and girlfriend for those of you who have been living in a cave for the past 10 years.

(tumble weed rolls past)

He may be married, I don’t know. He may have a girlfriend but again, that’s news to me. One thing is for sure, he is not married to someone like Colleen Rooney (wife of Wayne) or Rebekah Vardy (wife of Jamie).

For the past week these two have been involved in a very undignified and very public spat over allegations Colleen made claiming Rebekah had sold private stories Colleen posted on her private Instagram account to newspapers in the UK.

Two things immediately sprung to mind after I read about their catfight. First, why would Rebekah need to sell stories to newspapers? Surely being married to a professional Premier League footballer means she is not short of a bob or two.

And secondly, how can these so-called stories Colleen was sharing on social media be private? As she was, er, sharing them on social media?

Whatever the truth of this WAG-atha Christie-esque suspense thriller, and whether or not the ‘whodunit’ finger does point in the direction of Mrs Vardy, one thing is for sure:


Sorry Colleen, sorry Rebekah, but instead of getting your knickers in a twist over things the general public are not in the slightest bit bothered about, use your fame and privileged position that you are fortunate to have found yourselves in to do something good.

And if you are stuck for ideas, ask your respective husbands to give Sadio a call. When it comes to helping others, he really is the main Man-e. VNS





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