Students passionate about pursuing science

June 16, 2024 - 16:25
Many students in the country's southernmost province Cà Mau have nurtured an early strong passion for scientific and technical research.
Trịnh Tuấn Kiệt with some of his collection of self-built ship models. — Photo

CÀ MAU — Many students in the country's southernmost province Cà Mau have nurtured an early strong passion for scientific and technical research.

They are dynamic and creative, producing many models that are exhibited, showcased and applied in practice.

Since he was in the 7th-grade, student Trịnh Tuấn Kiệt who goes to Cà Mau High School in Cà Mau City, has been working on highly detailed and built to scale models of military and civilian ships and has created nearly 40 of them so far.

“Since childhood, I had been fascinated by military ships I saw on television or in books. I was driven by a strong curiosity to explore and understand them,” Kiệt said.

“I remembered that when I was 13, I decided to attempt building my first ship model.

"The first ships I made were simple, mainly using cardboard and handcrafted designs. Later, with more experience, I started using materials like wood, plastic and combined them with cardboard and other materials to enhance the aesthetic and realistic appearance of the ships.

“Gradually, I increased the difficulty level, adding motors to some ships to make them controllable on water and decorating them with lighting systems for more vivid models."

To build each ship, Kiệt, who is now in Grade 12, first has to collect the ship’s image, materials and design specifications, then draft plans and calculate parameters, only then can he prepare the materials and tools for assembly.

"Primarily relying on images and using my imagination combined with manual craftsmanship, I encountered many challenges with some ship models,” Kiệt said.

“For those with complex designs, it took a lot of time to complete, I try to make them as close to 70-80 per cent accurate in terms of their resemblance to real-life images."

Kiệt's current collection includes military and civilian ship models, from across the globe and Việt Nam and includes all types, from fast attack missile ships, to coastal combat ships, nuclear-powered cruisers to aircraft carriers and submarine.

Each ship has a detailed record including its name, assembly diagram, code name, technical specifications, combat capabilities and armament potential.

He said that his interest in scientific research has received strong support from his family, teachers, and friends.

Some of his ship models have even been borrowed for exhibitions inside and outside Cà Mau Province to promote the sacred sovereignty of the nation's seas and islands.

Nguyễn Thị Mộng Hảo, his teacher at Cà Mau High School, said: "In class, Kiệt is an excellent student and sociable with his peers. He is very diligent in exploring and creating, particularly in the field of science and technology. The school's teachers always facilitate the development of his talents and the realisation of his dreams."

"This year is my final year of high school, so I am temporarily putting aside making more ship models to focus on studying for my dream of passing the entrance exam to tourism or military science colleges,” Kiệt said.

“After the exams, if I have time, I will continue exploring new designs to create more models. For me, designing ship models not only satisfies my passion and interest but also connects with my love for the sea, islands and my homeland."

Promising young inventor

Although only a 5th grader, Quách Phước An, a student at Quang Trung Primary School in Cà Mau city, has designed and created models that significantly benefit the school's teaching and learning activities.

Quách Phước An, a 5th grader with his model of a 'Magic Slide' which helps students get excited to learn science. — Photo

Last year, An created a smart projector model and a mind map for studying history, this year he is creating a mind map model for geography.

With computer skills, he developed detailed drawings for each lesson, then designed a comprehensive system on the mind map, conveying all the information of a lesson.

An's contributions have proven highly effective, fostering innovation in teaching and learning at his school.

Nguyễn Thị Thiệp, a teacher at Quang Trung Primary School, said: "An stands out for his inquisitive and exploratory mindset. He possesses excellent communication skills, particularly in working independently and in groups.

“His creative mind maps are incredibly useful, helping students engage and grasp the knowledge in history and geography classes."

Most recently, during the school's STEM Day event, An continued to innovate and collaborate with his teacher and classmates to create a model called 'Magical Slide', which includes an electrical circuit for a motor, for the science class.

The captivating 'Magical Slide' model impressed his peers and received high praise from teachers and the STEM Day judges.

"When I came up with the idea, my teacher helped set up the framework first, and then our group helped to make it and assemble it for the model to function,” An said.

“In my view, this model is very practical, aiding in the practical application of the science subject about using electricity, helping students understand and learn about electrical circuit details."

Sharing more about his innovations and models, An said he loves creativity and new things and is always willing to spend time researching science and technology.

Before working on any model, he explores and learns from online videos and seeks his father's support and guidance when encountering difficulties. He is always determined to complete his projects, never giving up.

"Although young, An has a great passion for scientific research," said Lý Ngọc Hiển, deputy principal of Quang Trung Primary School.

"Over time, he has participated and excelled in many competitions such as the mathematics and English Olympiad, the city and province’s English and computer science competitions and the provincial 'Student of the Year' competitions and achieved several remarkable results.” — VNS