Health ministry requests reports on wrong-patient surgery

February 22, 2024 - 16:56
A patient gets surgery by mistake after the hospital mistakenly provided X-ray results of another patient to him.
Doctors conduct a surgery for a patient at Lâm Đồng Provincial General Hospital in the central highland province of Lâm Đồng. —VNA/VNS Photo

LÂM ĐỒNG — The Ministry of Health said it has requested Lâm Đồng Province General Hospital to report the incident in which the hospital mistakenly provided X-ray results to a patient, leading to wrong surgery for this individual.

Leaders of the ministry’s Medical Examination and Treatment Department stated that they have received information regarding the wrongful surgery due to the hospital misinterpreting the X-ray results of another patient.

They mentioned that the department will provide specific information after receiving reports from relevant units.

Previously, on February 20, N.H.H. went to Lâm Đồng Provincial General Hospital for a health check-up and underwent an X-ray. After receiving the results, the doctors informed the patient that there was a tube-shaped object in his abdomen and advised him to undergo endoscopic surgery to remove it.

Upon receiving the X-ray results, H. was very surprised and mentioned that he had undergone kidney surgery before and had regular check-ups, so it was unlikely for a tube to suddenly appear in his body.

However, after receiving the doctor's advice, H. agreed to undergo endoscopic surgery to remove the object.

During the surgery, the doctors discovered that there was no tube-shaped object in the patient's abdomen. The doctors took him for another X-ray and found out that the X-ray department had mistakenly provided the results of another patient to H.

Lê Văn Tiến, director of Lâm Đồng Province General Hospital, stated that after the incident was discovered, the hospital held meetings with relevant departments to clarify the mistakes of individuals involved in the incident.

The hospital contacted the patient's family to apologise and commit to refunding the hospital fees, as well as providing healthcare for the patient who underwent the wrongful surgery. — VNS