Vietnamese woman dedicates life to Hà Nội's development

October 15, 2022 - 14:00
An proved her determination by raising direct questions and frank opinions on the National Assembly forum and leaving a good impression on many voters and people across the country.
Associate Professor Bùi Thị An, president of Hà Nội’s Female Intellectual Association, has been dedicated to the development of Hà Nội for decades. Photo

HÀ NỘI — At the age of 80, Associate Professor Bùi Thị An, president of the Hà Nội's Female Intellectual Association, has maintained her passion for work, especially her enthusiasm for solutions to development issues in the capital city.

An was born in 1943 to an intellectual family in Hà Nội. After graduating from the Faculty of Chemistry at Hà Nội University (now Việt Nam National University), An started a job at the Institute of Natural Sciences (now Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology).

During her career, she held many leading positions at the Institute of Natural Science; the Institute of Natural Resources, Environment and Community Development; Hà Nội Union of Science and Technology Associations; Hà Nội's Female Intellectual Association; Hà Nội's Chemistry Association, and the Hà Nội Women's Science Club.

"My teachers and colleagues I've had the chance to work with have shared knowledge, methods, and passion for science with me, and also taught me life lessons and professional ethics. This has had a profound influence on my life," she said.

After she retired, An continued to perform social work in the capital city.

As a delegate to the city People's Council in terms of 2004-2011 and a member of the eighth National Assembly in terms of 2011-2016, she devoted her efforts and time to participate in legislative activities, contributing many valuable opinions on important issues of the capital and the country.

"It is an honour to be an elected representative, but also a lot of responsibility," she said. "I always have determined to work wholeheartedly for the people, to put the interests of the people first, and to express the legitimate aspirations of the people."

"To work with competent authorities about complaints from voters is my job. And to work with higher-level authorities if necessary until their complaints are solved," she said.

An proved her determination by raising direct questions and frank opinions on the National Assembly forum and leaving a good impression on many voters and people across the country.

"When I talk about the problem, I only think about the matters that need to be solved and the expectations of people", she added.

Love for Hà Nội

An has a special love for Hà Nội. Since 2003, she has helped implement 20 projects on natural resources and the environment, especially the problem of water treatment of lakes in the city.

As vice chairwoman of the Economic Advisory Council under the city's Việt Nam Fatherland Front Committee, she has consulted and contributed many ideas to the city.

An with agricultural experts at a farm in Hà Nội. Photo courtesy of Bùi Thị An

At the Hà Nội Union of Science and Technology Associations, she was assigned to monitor food safety and environmental issues to contribute ideas for the development of the master plan on organic food for the city, organise training courses on food hygiene and safety in collective kitchens, kindergartens, and tourist areas, and improve farmers' awareness on the issue.

In 2013, as the president of Hà Nội's Female Intellectual Association, An helped mould the association into a gathering place for female intellectuals in the city, connecting and supporting members to promote their intelligence and capacity to participate in scientific topics, consulting and critique policies.

An, together with the association members, has proved the leading and pivotal role in gender equality, making an important contribution to the city's development.

"Some problems seem small, but if we ignore them, they will leave a huge impact. In all solutions, people are key factors," she said.

Đàm Văn Huân, vice president of the Hà Nội's Việt Nam Fatherland Front, said An was always enthusiastic about giving strong and valuable comments for monitoring activities and social criticism.

He added that many of her opinions had been synthesised by the city's Fatherland Front to recommend the competent authorities to adjust, amend and supplement the city's mechanisms and policies.

"Her contribution has helped the responsibility of supervision and criticism of the city's Fatherland Front improve," he said.

With tireless dedication over the years, An has been nominated and honoured by the Hà Nội's People's Committee as an elite citizen of the capital in 2022.

"I always hope Hà Nội will develop more and keep its precious cultural features. Hà Nội must have unique features because it is the heart of the country. Let's focus on education because people are the key to all development", she said. — VNS