Pressure makes diamonds: Young student excels in international Informatics Olympiad

August 29, 2022 - 08:20
18-year-old Trương Văn Quốc Bảo have won three medals in the field of informatics, all in his three years at high school.


Trương Văn Quốc Bảo is a brilliant student of Phan Bội Châu High School for the Gifted. — VNA/VNS Photo Bích Huệ

NGHỆ AN — 18-year-old Trương Văn Quốc Bảo has won three medals in the field of informatics, all in his three years at high school.

His biggest successes to date have been the Silver Medal at the International Informatics Olympiad, followed by the Gold Medal in the Asia-Pacific Informatics Olympiad, both achieved in 2022.

Bảo's results guaranteed that Việt Nam placed ninth out of the 89 countries participating in the 2022 International Informatics Olympiad.

But before he found his passion for computers, Bảo was fond of math. He won multiple national and international competitions in mathematics during his secondary school years.

When he studied at Phan Bội Châu High School for the Gifted in Vinh, Nghệ An, Bảo's gifts for Computer Science were discovered by his teacher, Cao Thị Lan Thanh.

Bảo then spent the last two years pivoting and getting familiar with Computer Science, to the point where he found his passion for the subject.

"Our Bảo is a very shy boy, but whenever he talks about computers, he becomes an entirely different person," said Nguyễn Thị Thanh Vân, Bảo's mother. "His achievements are the result of his relentless will, as well as the guidance from his teachers.

"I am a bit worried about my son though, because he is so devoted that sometimes he doesn't have time for himself," said Vân.

In the International Informatics Olympiad, Bảo struggled with questions and the result did not go his way. Disappointed, he sobbed after the competition.

The Olympiad's format meant that Bảo and his four teammates must compete with 349 other students from 89 countries and territories. The pressure is immense, but with the encouragement from families, friends and teachers, Bảo soon regained confidence and finished with a silver medal.

According to Bảo, a good Computer Science student must be good at maths. He must also find ways to self-research and self-study.

Bảo's family said that they never pressure the young boy to study, but it is Bảo himself who is motivated to learn.

"I see myself as stronger and garner new experiences after every competition," said Bảo. "I know that I cannot win every time, therefore I always prepare myself mentally to do my best and never regret."

After graduating from high school, Bảo is enrolling in the Computer Science Department of the VNU University of Engineering and Technology.

"His medals are proof of his efforts, as well as the whole school," said his teacher Thanh. "Bảo is a role model for many students his age."

Bảo had opportunities to go abroad and go further in his studies, but he has chosen to stay in Việt Nam.

Not only a hard-working learner, Bảo is a very good friend and student to many of his classmates. He was honored with the Labour Medal, 3rd Class in 2021 for his efforts and achievements.

"I want to influence the younger generations to indulge in Computer Science," said Bảo. — VNS