Hà Nội pilots the ‘Fire Safety Group’ model in the Old Quarter

August 26, 2022 - 14:51
This pilot model has been introduced after many localities across the country carried out similar programmes since early August, following a spike in fires.


Officials inspect the installation of fire protection equipment under the pilot model ‘Fire Safety Group’. — Photo baotintuc.vn

HÀ NỘI — On Thursday, the People’s Committee of Hàng Gai Ward launched a pilot ‘Fire Safety Group’ model for households in the area, in cooperation with the Fire Prevention and Control police of Hoàn Kiếm District.

This pilot model has been introduced after many localities across the country carried out similar programmes since early August, following a spike in fires.

On installing the fire protection equipment under the programme, Nguyễn Mạnh Linh, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Hàng Gai, said: “This ward is the first in Hoàn Kiếm District to pilot this model.

"This is a proper model to implement, especially in one of the oldest areas of the city susceptible to fire because of its many small houses located in deep alleyways. This model will help detect and notify fire incidents as quickly as possible, which will prevent and minimise the risk of an escalating fire.”

The programme has ensured each household has a fire alarm installed on the first floor of its building and two alarm buttons inside and outside in appropriate and accessible locations.

Family members in each household have been instructed to install and use the smartphone application ‘Fire Alarm 114’, where members of the app will be able to update their safety status, and promptly notify other members if a fire or other accidents occur.

Fire safety and rescue equipment have been distributed amongst households in the area. Each home has been equipped with one fire extinguisher and a demolition tool; such as a crowbar, force pliers, hammer, or axe. It is advised for families to keep these accessible at home.

Fire extinguishers will be placed along the alleyway, as well as fire hydrants such as sprinklers, hoses, and detonators. Areas with nearby ponds, lakes, or water tanks will be equipped with hand-carrying fire pumps and hoses.

Fire alarms are installed in each household. — Photo baotintuc.vn

Each household has also been instructed to establish safer environments by arranging flammable items and equipment in a safe manner; such as electrical outlets and systems, cooking stoves, altars, combustible substances, fire or heat sources, automats (circuit breakers) and heat-generating electrical appliances.

Various emergency exit plans have been drawn up by participating households; such as the main door, side door, balcony, neighbour’s house, roof, and rope ladders in case there are fires or explosions that obstruct different passages.

Participants have been required to actively research and study skills in fire prevention, fighting and rescue. It is expected that they will strictly comply with the rules, regulations and operations of the ‘Fire Safety Group’ model as they practise firefighting, rescue and escape methods in preparation for fire incidents of different magnitudes.

Trần Ngọc Tấn, team leader of ‘Fire Safety Group’ No 4 in Hàng Gai, said: “The most important thing to do during a fire is to fight and control it with whatever immediate force you have on hand, from the moment it begins.

"This model is advanced in that the fire protection and control systems in households are all interlinked, which will hasten family reaction time to fires and put less households at risk.” — VNS