Curators of Clay collaborates with Hakuei Kosato to release limited-edition Japanese Kiribako Sushi serving stoneware sets

December 15, 2020 - 08:49
Curators of Clay collaborates with Hakuei Kosato to release limited-edition Japanese Kiribako Sushi serving stoneware sets

Limited-edition sushi serving sets only available in India, Singapore and London showcases the rich cultural heritage of Japan and India


SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 15 December2020 - Curators of Clay, a pottery atelier in Pune, India, helmed byceramicists Bhairavi Naik & RohitKulkarni, has collaborated with Singapore-based Japanese entrepreneur andowner of India's largest sushi chain Sushiand More, Hakuei Kosato (affectionatelyknown as Harry-san). Thiscollaboration resulted in a unique limited-edition collection of exquisitely handcrafted sushi serving stoneware sets.

Only one hundredpieces of these exclusive sushi serving sets will be available for sale. Eachset is crafted under Harry-san's creative direction. Each box is numbered,making them collectors' items. These exquisite boxes are also carefully made,crafted using methods that are under the auspices of near-century oldtraditional box maker Yoshida from YamagataPrefecture.

Each sushiserving set tells a story of fantastic craftsmanship and amalgamation ofHarry-san's expertise in Japanese cuisine along with Bhairavi & Rohit-san'ssignature finishes that are allhand-crafted in the studio. Each individual item in this set of five is fired and glazed in acombination of the ceramicists' signature styles for this particularcollection.

Carefulcraftsmanship for each plate crafted at Curators of Clay ensures that everysingle piece is emblazoned in detail--making each set a journey of restrainedbeauty and storytelling. For example, the chopstick holder is an ode to thesilhouette of the Sahyadri range of mountains - a range in the area of Indiawhere both Bhairavi & Rohit-san grew up. Incidentally, this particularrange is older than the Himalayas and one of the most unique biodiversityhotspots of the world.

The Passionate Sculptors Behind The Scenes

Bhairavi Naik& Rohit Kulkarni, the founders of Curators of Clay, describe their work as'a pursuit of beauty, peace and happiness, with clay being their medium ofchoice'. Since 2014, they have worked steadily to craft world class handmadeceramics, building a loyal patronage of premier chefs & private patronsalike. 

Harry-san firstgot to know Rohit-san in Kyoto through a common friend. Upon his visit to Curators of Clay, he wasimmediately drawn to the passion and craftsmanship of the team, which remindedhim of the pottery ateliers back in Japan, where ceramicists toiled to bringbeauty to the table by working only with their hands and souls, leaving therest to the kilns as each unique item was fired.

The positiveenergy, youthful spirit, and the beautiful art objects created by the duo spurredHarry-san to ask for this unique partnership in ceramics between two countries,Japan and India.

This marked thebeginning of what Curators of Clay always wanted to do - fuse theircontemporary Indian upbringing with their fascination for Japanese aesthetics,employing their craft and skill to create culturally rich and functionalceramics that would be coveted as 'objects of desire'.

KIRIBAKO Boxes, the epitome of Japanese tradition

Box makersYoshida of Yamagata Prefecture Japan are a near century-old small craftsbusiness. Yoshida is currently helmed by third-generation current master MrNagayoshi Yoshida, who creates hand-made special Kiri Boxes (known as KIRIBAKO). Used forhundreds of years, each KIRIBAKO isproduced from the highest-grade Paulownia wood in an elaborate process thattakes days to make. In 2019, Yoshida won the coveted Undiscovered Gemsof Japan Grand Prix.

Mr Yoshida hopesthat the KIRIBAKO will be used by many overseas. He hopes that his specialtyhand-crafted boxes will add delight to the contents of the box. In this case,the best KIRIBAKO will be housing the stoneware of the highest-grade made byCurators of Clay in India.

In a nod to history, where importantthings were hand-delivered to guarantee it arrives safely, each of theseKIRIBAKO boxes used for these sushi serving stoneware sets will be personallyhand-carried by Harry-san himself to India and beyond on the legendary Japaneseairline All Nippon Airways known for its hospitality, that Harry-san loves.

About Curators of Clay

Owned and run bytwo potters, the duo, Bhairavi & Rohit, make beautiful functional ceramics- all with their bare hands! Curators of Clay is a pursuit of happiness, peace& beauty, with ceramics being our medium of choice. 

About Hakuei Kosato(Harry-san)

Harry-san is a parallel entrepreneur, socialpsychologist, and sushi curator. LSE and Oxford educated, he launchedVirgin and Dyson in Japan as Head of Marketing, but he started out as aqualified international tax expert. Now he wears many hats and runsprojects as diverse as Sushi and More (India's first chainof sushi outlets) to Me For the World (a social impact project)in Oxford. A Guinness Book of World Records holder, awarded a Good DesignAward, but can't drive a car. Still studying at the SBS Swiss BusinessSchool in Zurich for a doctorate. Loves simple food, cooking with Kikkomansoy sauce, books, and yoga. Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Lives inMumbai & Singapore, with offices in Japan and the United Kingdom, apartfrom Singapore and India. Daughter Riko Fiona Kosato attends UWCSEADover. 




With just alimited edition of 100 sets being crafted, these exclusive sets will beavailable through the marquee's own website alone.


750 USD / 550 GBP / 80,000 JPY / 1000SIN$ / INR 48,500 (plus relevant taxes)


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