Advanced Energy Transforms Indoor Farming with Intelligent New Lighting Power and Control System

December 15, 2020 - 02:29
Advanced Energy Transforms Indoor Farming with Intelligent New Lighting Power and Control System

Innovative technology breaks down barriers to indoor, vertical and greenhouse farming by reducing power consumption, cutting costs and increasing crop yield


DENVER, COLORADO - Media OutReach - 15December 2020 - Advanced Energy (Nasdaq: AEIS) -- a global leader in highly engineered,precision power conversion, measurement, and control solutions --today unveiled its newestlighting and power control system for indoor, vertical and greenhouse farming.

AE's new lighting and power system transforms the use of LEDtechnology in horticultural lighting systems, which plays a fundamental role incutting-edge farming practices that can address production challenges in food,pharmaceutical ingredients, plants and flowers. Utilizing AE's system, customersreduce their power conversion costs by as much as 50 percent, significantlylower installation and operating costs, and increase the quality of crop yield.

"Our groundbreaking lighting, power and control systemdelivers significant improvements over conventional lighting solutions andopens up new opportunities for the industry," said Joe Voyles, vice president,industrial marketing, at Advanced Energy. "We are transforming our customers'operations by both reducing the amount of needed equipment and improving theefficiency of the lighting systems, thereby reducing cost and energy spend. Notonly do these innovative new products increase the efficiency and quality offruit and vegetable production, but they also open the door to establishingindoor farming facilities in harsh environments anywhere in the world."

The new system consists of the patented Artesyn iTS™(intelligent Transfer Switch) and iHPS™ configurable power supply. AlongsideArtesyn's compact new 12 kW 300 VDC module, AE delivers a cost-effectiveplatform for the most advanced indoor farming applications. The system isestimated to produce a 38 percent savings to lighting power and controlinstallation cost, while eliminating substantial amounts of wasted energy.

The new iHPS is a "short"version of AE's market-leading iHP power supply. The shorter design allows formore space within the lighting and power cabinet for other crucial components,reduces the weight and cost, and increases the life of the system.The new iTS provides the industry's first solution for switching or sharing asingle power source between two different rooms. This reduces installationcosts by cutting the number of iHP power supplies needed in half and itsubstantially reduces ongoing utility costs.

For detailed product information andtechnical specifications, visit the iHP product web page andthe iTS product web page.

To learn more about the advantages ofAdvanced Energy's Lighting Power and Control System for indoor , download the white paper.

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