Organizational Agility amid COVID-19 gloom helped DBS Bank, NETS and Park Hotel win Kincentric's Best Employers 2020 accolade

December 15, 2020 - 02:08
Organizational Agility amid COVID-19 gloom helped DBS Bank, NETS and Park Hotel win Kincentric's Best Employers 2020 accolade

DBS also emerged as a Best Employer in Asia Pacific for the fifth consecutive time, joined by Olam International this year.


SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 15 December 2020 - DBS Bank, NETS, and Park Hotel haveemerged as Singapore's Best Employers in 2020, according to Kincentric'sBest Employer program that measures and recognizes extraordinary employers demonstratingworkplace excellence.


DBSwas also named Best Employer in 2020 for the fifth time in Asia Pacific, joinedby Olam International who bagged the accolade for the first time. Bothorganizations achieved an exemplary score across all Best Employers indices inEmployee Engagement, Organizational Agility, Engaging Leadership & TalentFocus, that placed them in the top quartile range for regional employers.


Companies were evaluated on four key areas, namely -- 'EmployeeEngagement', 'Organizational Agility', 'Engaging Leadership', and 'Talent Focus'.A certified Best Employer organization will have its 'Employee Engagement' scoreon par or better than the top quartile companies with two out of the three of otherfactors (i.e. 'Organizational Agility', 'Engaging Leadership' and 'Talent Focus')falling within the range.


Agility Dividend Pays Off for Top Companies


Of the criteria covered in the Kincentric study, 'Organizational Agility' wasfound to be a key factor that enabled Singapore employers who are in the topquartile to do exceptionally well. Such firms, were found to perform 14% betteron 'Organizational Agility', demonstrating that the ability to make rapid tacticalshifts in business decisions and people strategy amid a prolonged period ofuncertainty such as the COVID-19 pandemic, mattered the most for theiremployees.


Andrew How,Market Leader at Kincentric Singapore, said "The need for speed has never beengreater and in a period where many businesses had to adjust and adapt to thenew normal, our Best Employers have proven that they are able to acceleratetheir decision making to remain agile and are always responsive to anyunexpected changes. Beyond that, the ability to manage change nimbly,demonstrates a change-ready culture that is entrenched within the companies,where employees trust the leaders, are inspired by their vision, and feelequally engaged in driving future success in the face of disruption. Organizationalagility, especially in the form of management preparedness will remain a key focusfor years to come as they embark on a new workplace transformation."


An open cultureand mindset nurtured by a resilient and engaging leadership were also found to accentuatechange readiness, promoting the generous exchange of ideas, and sets the rightfoundation for 'Organizational Agility'. Additionally, 85% of employees in suchcompanies based in Singapore, agreed that their organizations have a workenvironment that is accepting of diverse backgrounds and perspectives.Employees also rated their senior leaders 15% higher than other firms forinspiring them to be excited about the organization's future.

Top Companies Reskilland Retrain Employees


Top quartilecompanies in Singapore were also found to pro-actively retrain and upskilltheir workforce, with 78% rating their organizations highly for beingsupportive of their learning and development, as compared to 64% at othercompanies in helping employees remain adaptable during these uncertain times.


"Wewould like to congratulate all our winners for displaying extraordinary traitsof employer excellence, especially in an extremely unique and challenging year.We hope that they, and other organizations will continue to strive for successas we head into an equally exciting new year," added Andrew How, Market Leaderat Kincentric Singapore.

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